The Continuing Assault on the Constitution, and the GOP’s Natural Born Citizen Problem: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

This week we’ll focus on the unfortunate state of our country on this 4th of July weekend, the result of a very bad hiring decision that the voters made in 2008. For the last one hundred years, the U.S. Constitution has been under assault by those who view it as an obstacle to their grand plans to “remake” America with big government solutions to every human problem, never so much so as now, with the very person charged with preserving, protecting and defending it an enthusiastic proponent of precisely that point of view. Hear the stunningly clueless remarks of one inside-the-beltway pinhead who recently asked the arrogant and frightening question about our founding document “Does it still matter?”

As America celebrates the stunning experiment the Founders undertook 235 years ago, many of her citizens are struggling in a weak economy that has caused the cancellation of fireworks and other celebrations in many communities. No worries, though. It’s not as if we don’t have anything to entertain us. There’s the hilarious on-going reality show starring America’s favorite wacky grifters, the Obamas, who have managed to scam their way into luxury vacations, celebrity-studded parties, endless supplies of lobster, and glamorous wardrobes, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers, all the while lecturing those same suckers on the importance of living within our means, the evils of corporate jets, and the importance of healthy eating. Whether it’s the Mrs. chowing down on fat fries during her latest sumptuous sojourn in Africa, or her husband lecturing Congress to “do their job” just before boarding his own jet to head off to another gazillion-dollar-a-plate fundraiser with fat cats, this do-as-we-say, not-as-we do duo is almost as funny as “The Jeffersons.” I say “almost” because even though his race-obsessed antics and incompetent actions drove Weezie crazy, it was easier to laugh at George Jefferson since he wasn’t attempting to destroy the country we grew up in. Nor was he emboldening America’s enemies, particularly the jihadists in the Middle East. Did the Obama administration lie when spokesmen said that its Afghan retreat plan was one of the options presented by the generals? We’ll share the evidence that they did.

Perhaps the sorry state of our economy and our place in the world is glaring evidence of the prescience of the Founders, who were very clear that the office of President of the United States must be a “natural born citizen,” something that the current incompetent occupant of the Oval Office is not. Our special guest “Chet Arthur” suggests that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) may be the man to rescue our country, but is Sen. Rubio eligible to be president, or is he, like B. Hussein Obama, not an Article II natural born citizen? We’ll ask Mr. Arthur. We’ll also ask him about his shocking assertion about Barack Obama. Is Mr. 57 States really a “first rate intellect?”

There’s also the captivating Casey Anthony trial. What is the real message of this disgusting case? What was “Tot Mom’s” (H/T the demonic-looking Nancy Grace) real mistake?

Tune in later for the rest of the story.


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  1. Nina Easton was attacked about two years ago when she was a Obama supporter
    Her Husband was a Lawyer for CITI Bank and Seiu union surrounded their home with her young son hiding in the closet. I know her husband is working for the Romney campaign I believe they have seen the light. There is hope !

    Also I don’t know if you remember when trump released his second birth certificate and right away it was attacked that his mother was born in Scotland. So the Obots do know about the constitution and article 2 duh!!!. Google trumps mother not a US citizen, lots of articles such as politicos Ben Smith “the big defender of Obama since the Larry Sinclair episode”..Of course we know his mother became a citizen 1936. Ten years before his birth. He is legally a Natural born citizen. Our founders knew exactlly what they were doing they studied every empire from the very beginning and wanted to avoid every pitfall known to mankind.

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