The Do-Over Party’s Do-Over Candidate, Barack Obama 3.0: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

David “The Combover” Axelrod’s review of the Republicans in Tampa is classic liberal projection. He calls it the “Reinvention Convention,” as if it’s the GOP that is trying to recover from an endless series of mistakes with one “do-over” after another. First there was Monday’s attempt to put the “No, Americana aren’t better off” toothpaste back in the tube after various Obama mouthpieces, including the aforementioned Mr. Axelrod, stepped in it by actually telling the truth rather than giving the politically-expedient answer on the Sunday shows. Then there was the do-over on moving the venue of the One’s acceptance speech indoors because of worries about weather, as in “we’re not sure whether, even if we bus every illegal alien, public employee union member, retired teacher and welfare recipient within a 500-mile radius here, we can fill even half the capacity of the arena.” Most embarrassing of all, the do-over, apparently on orders from the One himself, re-inserting a reference to “God” and to “Jerusalem” as the capital of Israel, back into the Democrats’ platform. They tried to get away with making their platform reflect the values of their party, but once there were outed, in part by a bizarre interview performance from national laughingstock Sen. Dick Durbin, there was no turning back. All things considered, they should have included a name change, the “Do-Over Party” into their platform.

It’s now apparent that the man they presented as their candidate in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama, is a fictional character. That iteration was a fresh-faced candidate for the U.S. Senate from Illinois, the brilliant embodiment of the promise of the American dream, born in Hawaii of a Kenyan father and a woman from the Heartland, Harvard educated, articulate and so cool. It turns out that that was actually Barack Obama 2.0, conveniently no longer the “born in Kenya” brand promoted for years by his publisher. Despite that version, we recently learned when Mitt Romney made a light-hearted remark about his own birth certificate, that it’s the height of rudeness, and even racism, to mention Barack Obama’s; that is, unless, he wants to make a joke about it himself, as he did yesterday.

Now we have the third iteration, the one who is no longer the One, who not only can’t stop the rise of the oceans, but needs 4 more years, difficult years of sacrifice he tell us, to solve the problems he promised to fix in 2008. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Barack 3.0 is really Jimmy Carter 2.0. He’s gone from “hope and change” to  “I know it’s not good enough.” Will that be good enough to carry him over the finish line? Did the recently-ended convention help? Was Bill Clinton’s speech helpful, or did it leave undecided voters thinking “why can’t I vote for that guy?”

Will the ousting on this bunch from the White House make America awesome again? We’ll ask our guest, Frank J. Fleming, awesomeness expert, and author of the new book, How to Fix Everything in America Forever: The Plan to Keep America Awesome

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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