The Downside of that Celebutard Glamour & Buzz: They Say and Do Things

As I often tell you, most of the time when actors say anything half way intelligent, it has to be written by someone else. So, given that they merely memorize and repeat the words that smarter people write for them, it’s a bit of a mystery why anyone would consider their opinions about public policy, legal matters or any other weighty subject worth a moment’s consideration. These are not serious people. Ditto the current occupant of the Oval Office, the Celebutard in Chief, who is an unmitigated disaster off the TelePrompter.

So, it should come as no surprise that one of Barack’s Hollywood peeps stepped in it on Twitter yesterday. Frankly, I’m surprised this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often. And it’s not just any celebrity bimbo. She’s one of Obama’s National Co-Chairs, who had a prominent speaking role at the recent Dem convention. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Eva Longoria. Here’s her retweet:

Barry, I know those celebs are fun to hang out with, but there’s a downside. Ouch!

More reaction here, including Ms. Longoria’s pathetic attempts to blame this idiotic retweeted remark on problems with Twitter posting things on her timeline that she never retweeted, before eventually having to apologize.

I think I may have reached a new low, in that I have just been called “stupid” by someone who clearly is less intelligent than the average dolphin.

Isn’t it amazing how the vulgar remark that she retweeted includes a crude reference to our “lady parts?” The recently-proclaimed phrase directed at women “vote with your smarts, not your parts” springs to mind.

Dumbass actress. I know. Redundant.


  1. Is it lost on these morons and their “Lady parts” that the mere fact of an Obama Presidency enhances the power of Islam, a “religion” (Those are scorn quotes) that practices REMOVAL of “Lady parts”?

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