The “Equal Pay Day” Scam

As you no doubt noticed from that huge hole in your wallet, today is Tax Day. Did you know that it is also Equal Pay Day? Did you even know there was such a thing as “Equal Pay Day?” Me either. If you haven’t received any Hallmark cards to celebrate, there aren’t any, only liberal interest group emails, reminding you of the hideous unfairness of patriarchal capitalism in sexist America. Not to worry. I watch (and read) so you don’t have to.

This event was cooked up, and of course, by using the term “cooked up,” I don’t mean to imply some male chauvinist pig image of women confined to a hot kitchen, by some outfit with the official sounding name, the National Committee for Pay Equity back in 1996. The NCPE, founded in 1979, is not a government agency-yet, but perhaps they will be brought into the warm, welcoming bosom of Barack’s burgeoning federal family, and given the subsidies that inevitably brings, if he’s re-elected and has more flexibility. Instead, for now, they are a collection of the usual suspects; that is, union leaders, “civil rights” activists, radical feminists, commissions on women, and pretty much anyone who signs their Statement of Principles demanding “pay equity.” By that they mean, they will remain in a perpetual outrage until something is done about the supposed “wage gap.”

The wage gap remained statistically unchanged in the last year. Women’s earnings were 77.4 percent of men’s in 2010, compared to 77.0 percent in 2009, according to Census statistics released September 13, 2011 based on the median earnings of all full-time, year-round workers. Both men’s and women’s earnings showed slight increases from 2009 to 2010 with men’s at $47,715 and women’s at $36,931, a difference of $10,784. Fifty years ago women earned 61 percent of what men earned, a Census official noted in releasing the data.

Actually, bitter, miserable creatures that these liberal hags tend to be, no matter what happens they’ll no doubt be outraged about something, but you get the idea.

This myth about the “wage gap” is being repeated incessantly by Obama surrogates, hoping to build on the dog whistle to single women, hoping that Barack’s stash can take the place of the husbands they don’t have, blown last week by Barack and Michelle’s BFF Hilary Rosen, and also by the campaign’s website. This wage gap baloney is a perfect illustration of “How to Lie with Statistics. It comes from the Census Bureau taking the median wage for full-time and part-time male and female employees and calculating the difference. It should be obvious on its face why these numbers are meaningless. It’s not even apples v. oranges. It’s apples v. bulldozers, as in the ones men tend to drive because they do jobs that are more dangerous, more physically demanding and more stressful. Women choose to do jobs that allow them more flexible hours, and often leave the workforce for years to raise children. In fact, unmarried college-educated males between the ages of 40 and 64 earn nearly 15 percent less than their female counterparts. In addition, female college students tend to major in “soft,” touchy-feely pseudo-sciences like psychology, education or English, while men are more likely to choose accounting, computer science or engineering, the latter being known as majors in which students actually learn to something extremely productive and therefore high-paying.

This “wage gap” nonsense, along with the misleading narratives about the Lily Ledbetter Act, and Scott Walker’s “repeal” of Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Act, is being cynically used to appeal to the low-information, emotionally-driven cohort that Obama exploited so successfully last time. And soon, thanks to the Dept. of Labor, they’ll be an app for that.

I’m sure that many Americans, hearing Obama and his apparatchiks inveigh against the “wage gap” can’t help but feel very left out and look forward to the day when they can join the whining about it because they actually have wages.


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