The Fish Who Didn’t Bark: More Evidence That Mitt is Axelrod’s Dream Opponent

The only thing keeping Mitt Romney from being identical to a candidate genetically engineered by David Axelrod to run against Barack Obama is the fact that there are no Romney divorce records for him to sleazily and covertly unearth. Still, the One’s own Donald Segretti isn’t going to let that slow him down. He won’t miss a single trick, including tugging at our heart strings by using our pets. From the Daily Caller, describing the new Facebook page “Pet Lovers for Obama”:

On the page, pet lovers can purchase an “I bark for Barack” magnet for their car, featuring Bo, the Obama family’s Portuguese Water Dog.

Others can post pictures of the way their own dog, cat or fish (so far these are the only members of the animal kingdom represented) shows its support for the president. For instance, Paul Anka, a Betta fish, proudly displays an “I bark for Barack” button in his tank — inability to bark not withstanding. Fraternal twin cats Max and Maddie sport “Cats for Obama” collars. Dakota the dog gets walked on an Obama 2012 leash.

Seriously, I may hurl.

Of course, this page gives Axelrod an opportunity to send out a snarky tweet, reminding voters about Mitt’s Irish setter, Seamus, and his vacation hell ride strapped to the roof of the Romney family car, yet another issue that makes Mitt their pick to click. Don’t be surprised when Obama’s campaign suggests that Seamus sought asylum in Canada.

All I know is that back in 2008, a liberal neighbor, who lives on a corner, had two Obama signs. While the Husband was chatting with her on bright morning, her dog calmly walked over to one of the signs, lifted his leg, and delivered his verdict on B. Hussein. I’ve always said it: dogs are terrific judges of character.

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