The Lawless Obama Administration

The following comes from CNN’s website on April 16 2009: “Reviving a ban on assault weapons and more strictly enforcing existing gun laws could help tamp down drug violence that has run rampant on the US-Mexican border, President Obama said Thursday. Speaking alongside Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Obama said he has ‘not backed off at all’ on a campaign pledge to try to restore the ban. It was instituted under President Clinton and allowed to lapse by President George W. Bush.

From the moment the prohibition on the sale of assault weapons was lifted a few years ago, we have seen an increase in the power of organized crime in Mexico,’ Calderon said. He said that more than 16,000 assault weapons have been seized in the crackdown on drug traffickers, with almost 9 in 10 coming from the United States.”
Fox News exposed the lie in that easily shown to be false prevarication, and so the Obama Administration set out to make it the lie a reality. Hence the genesis of “Fast and Furious.”

Which forces us to address the lawless Obama administration

A lawless administration is a depressing institution because it is an institution completely without respect for the purpose of law in a constitutional republic. Even as we are SATURATED with ordinances, commands compulsions and regulations, the administration conducts itself in a matter that reeks of contempt for the meaning of law. .
Law exists apart from what a group of people at any given time want you to do. That is why the aged nature of the United States Constitution is a strength. The farther away we travel from 1789, the less that the foibles and frailties of the Framers affect us. The transitory human things fall away leaving only the essence of law.
If our Bill of Rights were drafted today it would look very different than it did back then. Not only would there be no Second Amendment, but most of the others would read dramatically different. There would be few severe restrictions on government power. Nor would there be unlimited Freedom of Speech. The entire thing would run a few thousand pages and would be filled with all sorts of lawerly escape clauses, which when added together would render the whole thing meaningless.

This administration personifies the essence of lawlessness, which is to say that there is a whole buncha statutes they invoke, but all that is merely mechanics for those in power to enforce their will on others. If you want to force people to do something, all you need to do is lay out your reasoning create a spurious justification and voila, you can impose your will on the nation and extort unconstitutional gun legislation from the cowed and intimidated capons in Congress.

It’s law in the same sense that a mugger putting a gun to your head is law. He has a gun and he makes the laws. The laws don’t apply to him. They don’t apply in any larger universal fashion. The mugger can choose to suspend any laws at his whim, because he has a gun.

The United States has drifted into lawlessness, into laws that are the guns of government. Want to force everyone to buy health insurance? Pass a law. Ignore any questions of constitutionality because legality doesn’t matter. If people come out to protest, send out your SEIU thugs to beat them. If you lose your Senate majority, use Reconciliation to pass it. If the Supreme Court threatens to investigate the constitutionality of the law, threaten the Court.

The only thing separating tactics like these from the mugger on the corner is public interest. Which is to say that the government is playing Robin Hood. It isn’t mugging you because it likes the smell of money, but because it wants to help those less fortunate. Robin Hood was rebelling against the illegal authority of the Sheriff of Nottingham. And our government is rebelling against the legitimate authority of .the written Constitution..
The government becomes the outlaw, doing what it likes because it must resist all the “powerful special interests”, in this case the pro gun lobby like the NRA.. The Revolution becomes permanent, with the Reds in power constantly rebelling against the bitter clingers desperately clutching their guns and Bibles to their panic stricken bigoted heaving breasts.

This farce can take place under the guise of law, but it represents the whims of a lawless administration. The constitution was created to establish and enumerate the limits of the police power, i.e. “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”. It limits the power of individuals, institutions and governments. But for a lawless administration no limitation on power applies if the power is being applied for the sake of the higher ideals which the administration is claiming to represent. If those higher ideals involve helping the poor, so has to protect them from “assault weapons” while refusing to acknowledge the general communal breakdown that resulted from liberal welfare state policies that contributed to the rise of the criminal gangs that employ the “assault weapons”, then every institution can act like Robin Hood.

In a lawless administration, law is a function of the emotions they can generate, or the mob they can demagogue. The one who screams the loudest gets his way if he can influence enough people to believe that he has a case. Laws get made from a sense of “rightness” that is entirely a function of emotion

Rights become entirely positive and empathy based. Negative rights become associated with selfishness. Everyone has the right to a thousand benefits, but no one has the right to opt out. Everyone is free to speak their mind, so long as it is an expression of need, rather than a demand to be left alone.

Empathy makes for very bad law, because it isn’t law at all. It’s a subjective response to the suffering of others. And often those who excel at marketing their suffering aren’t suffering at all, while those who are genuinely suffering remain silent. Empathy-based law commodifies pain, but it’s empty of justice.

A lawless administration is one where those who manipulate empathy gain power. Where temporary outrage substitutes for policy. The Obama administration was trying to gin up outrage against lawful gun sales that originated from legal gun dealers.. There is no real respect for law and so Fast and Furious is political, because law is made on an ad hoc basis. Just project enough grief and victimization and there ya go.Obama the actor is every bit as ersatz as his Styrofoam Greek columns. Every press conference is a performance as he oh so sincerely tells you why he must violate the constitution.
The idea that there should be one law for all, rather than one law for the sufferers and another for those who aren’t suffering, is alien to a society where empathy trumps law. Rather than doing the right thing, Obama does the Robin Hood thing, leaping from the tree, looting the society, and writing songs about his own dashing kill Bin Laden valor.
The government-media complex acts out the empathy narrative. Its reporting has nothing to do with the facts, but everything to do with emotion. A law is bad when it protects the privilege of the opposition, but good when it protects their privilege. The powers of the Senate, the Executive and the Supreme Court are good when they serve their ends, but bad when they serve the ends of their enemy. The blame always goes to the side blocking their agenda.

For a lawless administration, laws and the constitution only matter so long as it serves the purpose of those in power. When it doesn’t, then it’s ignored or tossed aside.

Last week we witnessed Obama playing Robin Hood by casting aside immigration law and transparency to the huzzahs of the media, whose fondest wish is for politicians to play Robin Hood, cut all the Gordian Knots and just carry out their agenda without regard for the law, even the law that Obama cited as previously restraining him. That is what they wanted, that is what they got. But a lawless administration cuts both ways and takes the system out of the protection of the law.

Law should be impartial. It states absolute principles that apply regardless of faction and position. But for a lawless administration, there is no law, only power. The cultural Marxist left exemplified by the Obamunists has ushered in a lawless administration even as they inundate us with statute..

Differences between Bush’s “Wide Receiver” and Obama’s “Fast & Furious” explained for cognitively dissonant liberals and Obamunists:

Wide Receiver – The number of guns used in the operation from the beginning until the end of the operation was 300
Fast & Furious – The number of guns used in the operation from the beginning until the end of the operation was 2,000

Wide Receiver – Guns were traced with miniature tracking devices and constant surveillance from ground and air.
Fast & Furious – No tracking devices were used, no surveillance was made whatsoever.

Wide Receiver – ATF agents were ordered to follow the gun smugglers every step of their trip from the gun store to the US/Mexico border.
Fast & Furious – ATF agents were ordered to stand down and not follow the gun smugglers after they left the gun store. The only surveillance was made through the gun store own video cameras; after gun smugglers left the store, the ATF agents were expressly ordered not to pursue.

Wide Receiver – Mexican army and police was in the loop about Wide Receiver. They took over the surveillance of the gun smugglers after they crossed with the guns in Mexico.
Fast & Furious – Mexican authorities were kept in the dark by the ATF and the US DOJ. They had no idea about Fast & Furious and the fact that guns provided to gun smugglers by the American authorities were “walked” in Mexico into the hands of drug cartel murderers.

Wide Receiver – When a small number of guns (30-40) were lost due to malfunctioning tracking devices and / or because the gun smugglers discovered the surveillance and learned how to evade it, the operation Wide Receiver was immediately aborted and cancelled.
Fast and Furious – Operation continued even after ATF and DOJ lost track of all 2,000 guns sold to Mexican drug cartels

Wide Receiver – 1,400 arrests were made in joint operations by the Mexican authorities and DEA and ATF agents. No lost Wide Receiver guns were recovered at crime scenes in Mexico or the US.
Fast & Furious – The operation was planned to let the guns go without any surveillance. Guns were SUPPOSED to be recovered at the murder scenes. One of the 150+ murder scenes where Fast & Furious guns were recovered was that of US border patrol agent Brian Terry; another one was the murder scene of ICE agent Jaime Zapata. The DOJ and ATF didn’t muster any explanation about how they planned to make arrests of the drug cartel murderers BEFORE THEY KILLED PEOPLE with the Fast & Furious guns, and how they were supposed to make arrests in Mexico without the fore knowledge and cooperation of the Mexican authorities.

Deaths as a Result of Wide Reciever: 0 as of this date

Fast & Furious results: 300+Mexican citizens murdered; 2 US Federal agents murdered.
As I have said REPEATEDLY next time lets try hiring a natural born citizen as POTUS.

In conclusion let me just say, Barack Hussein Obama Umm Ummmm Ummmmmm.

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