The Man Who Exposed Elizabeth Warren’s Phony Native American Claim: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 5/13/12

Last week’s news cycle shined an enormous spotlight on the ridiculous, irrelevant charade that passes as serious journalism in the dinosaur media today. Whether it’s the incessant celebration of Barack Obama’s “historic” “evolution” on the issue of so-called same-sex marriage, in which he returned to the position he had in 1996, coincidentally before arriving with an open purse at George Clooney’s house, or the laughably transparent collusion between the Obama campaign and the Washington Post in breaking the blockbuster news about Mitt Romney’s high school behavior, the evidence is in. Serious people who hope to be well-informed should not waste their time, and risk the potential loss of IQ points involved, by exposing themselves to the kabuki-like foolishness and outright propaganda broadcast on traditional media outlets.The faux news of the week also reminded us that while Barack Obama may be “historic,” he is also a bully and con artist.

While pumping out pro-Obama propaganda, our Lame Stream Media friends have been remarkably silent regarding the campaign antics of liberal darling and current Massachusetts’ democrat Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. Did Prof. Warren game the affirmative-action system for two decades by claiming to be a “Native American?” Our special guest, Michael Patrick Leahy, one of the founders of the Tea Party, author of Covenant of Liberty: the Ideological Foundations of the Tea Party Movement, and unfortunately for Prof. Warren, amateur genealogist, is the man who exposed the fraud.

Michelle v. the Oprah? Say it ain’t so!

Finally, on this Mother’s Day, what is the best advice your mom gave you? What are the origins of Mother’s Day, and why did its founder come to regret ever having the idea in the first place?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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