The Melting Pot calling the Kettle Black

Paula Deen is the newest casualty in the war by political correctness.
She tearfully apologized for uttering a word that is verboten: [expletive deleted].
I think we can all agree that this word is used in a attempt to
ridicule and demean a person. Rush called some leftist hack a slut for wanting government to pay for her contraceptives- to the tune of several thousand dollars per year. Why the shameless hussy couldn’t pay for her own and demanded to
leech off society became obscured by those outraged by the haters.

Yes, fellow haters, those of us that attempt to assert any
peer-pressure are just that- haters. Moronic imbeciles that wear their
pants around their knees are not to be judged. Women with multiple
baby-daddies are victims that need to be protected from scorn.
Potheads are now adjudged to be legally impaired. Fat asses that don’t
exercise now have a disease. Every idiotic thing under the sun has an

A woman once told me “I think people who judge are haters.” So I had
to axe: “How did you come to this judgment?” I have a way with the

TEA Party being called Tea Baggers is not hate, though. Attacking
Sarah Palin’s kid is somehow justified by self-important bottom
feeders, and republicans want dirty air and dirty water… blah, blah,

Exactly who appointed the thought police? Do I have to change my ways
and start calling every idiot I see a “democrat”? “Hah! Joe, look at
that guy try to eat that brick, what a democrat!” Those “jackass
videos”… sorry, they are now “democrat videos”. Gotta be PC.

In this great melting pot of a society, how can people assimilate if
not for ridicule? Take your average illegal alien, for instance. If we
all ridiculed the use of Espanol by the invaders, they would sooner
come to use our national language, English. Which by the way, was only
voted our national language by one vote over German.

This Jewish chef I know once axed me if I knew what a Irish seven
course meal was. “A boiled potatoe and a six-pack.” Har Har. It’s a
stereotype. It doesn’t affect me because I know it’s not true. Beer
comes before dinner. The point is you can’t be offended by something
that isn’t true.

So in this Great Melting Pot either grow a thicker skin, regardless of
your given color, or melt. I pretty much don’t care which.


  1. Geeze Rebel M, don’t the PC Po-po know about exposte facto?

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