The Most Under-Reported Stories of 2012: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

Well, Kids, we made it through another year, one that started with so much promise, and that is ending with the country, having failed to heed our urgent warnings, doing a Thelma-and-Louise dive over the “fiscal cliff” with our gangsta Dear Reader in the driver’s seat . We’ve known for months that the consequences of this plunge are the stuff of liberals’ wet dreams; specifically, increasing taxes on productive citizens and slashing military spending while leaving the billions thrown down their precious social welfare ratholes untouched. We’ll be on top of the latest, as the Senate meets today to try to avoid what is described as a potential disaster. Is it my imagination, or didn’t these weasels see this coming for the last two years? Who are these guys who want even more of our hard-earned money? They make high school students who wait until the night before term papers are due appear to have it together.

Listeners to the Teri O’Brien Show know that what passes for “news” on most traditional outlets is little more than foolish drivel designed to appeal to the desire of viewers to avoid any unnecessary thinking, which is why so many really significant stories never reach an unfortunately large percentage of the population. You know the stories that they don’t, and we want to talk about them. What were the most under-reported stories of 2012? What were the some of the most cringe-inducing?

The One will appear on “Meet the Press” today in an interview taped with David Gregory yesterday. Some of us are wondering how a man under criminal investigation for violating Washington D.C.’s ridiculous gun laws could pass a security clearance, but then since Barack Obama himself probably couldn’t pass one, does it really matter? Both Mr. Gregory and Mr. Obama are enthusiastic advocates of these restrictive gun laws. They both took used twenty murdered children as weapons against the freedom of law-abiding Americans. No doubt this interview will be “wide-ranging,” to use a favorite Lame Stream Media cliché, and of course, very hard-hitting.

Our special guest Doug Giles, columnist for Town Hall and author of Raising Boys That Feminists Will Hate, will share his thoughts in his take-no-prisoners style. Don’t miss it!

Tune in today for the rest of the story.
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