The Mystery of Obama’s College Benefactor Revealed?: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

On last week’s show, we stated what was painfully obvious; specifically, that the murder of our ambassador in LIbya along with 3 other Americans was a “terrorist act,” Now the Obama administration has admitted as much, although they continue to lie about what really happened because doing so would highlight the failure of their ideologically-driven foreign policy. Meanwhile, our buffoonish media continues to run interference for the One. They hope that by continuing to obsess over shiny objects like Mitt Romney’s recently released tax returns and his allegedly horrible comments at a May fundraiser, people will stop asking about the incompetence that gave al Qaeda their biggest victory against America since 9/11.

Earlier, at, we told you about the Saudis’ apparent desire to assist B. Hussein’s re-election effort by opening up their oil spigots. Perhaps they are motivated by fears about Mitt Romney’s pledge to make the U.S. energy-independent, but could there be more to it than that? What does an obscure 1979 column by a prominent black Chicago columnist reveal about the mystery surrounding Barack Obama’s college records, including the funding of his education? We are all about connecting the dots, and this blockbuster story connects them in a way you won’t hear anywhere else.

Corrupt racialist Attorney General Eric Holder somehow escapes responsibility for lying to Congress in the Fast and Furious disgrace, but in the wake of a 500+ page report from the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, two of his top deputies have resigned. Many have suggested that it’s time that Mr. Holder do the same. What say you?

Barack Obama’s statement that “you can’t change Washington from the inside” may be true, but he proved that you can “remake” America by imposing a government takeover of our health care system. The upcoming election presents our best, and possibly last, chance to repeal the Obamacare scheme. Our special guest, Dr. Barbara Bellar, candidate for Illinois State Senate, will share her thoughts about why it’s critical that we do so.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.

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