The Myth of Romney’s Electability, and The Reason Newt Can Win: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

On this 39th anniversary of Dred Scott 2.0 aka Roe v. Wade, we’ll unpack the results of yesterday’s South Carolina primary, focusing on Newt Gingrich’s landslide pounding of establishment fave Mitt Romney.

Governor Romney’s strength is supposedly that he can win, but as our guest John Hawkins, founder and publisher of Right Wing News pointed out in a recent piece, Mitt’s alleged “electability” may be like Barack Obama’s reputation for being brilliant; that is, there’s no evidence to support it, and in fact, a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

We’ll also answer these questions.

  • Why is Rick Santorum performing so poorly? The answer is obvious to all but the dunderheads in the Lame Stream Media.
  • What is Newt Gingrich’s Ace in the Hole? He understands, and can articulate the one crucial difference between our side and theirs.
  • Does Newt’s checkered personal life make him box office poison, especially with female voters? Is Calista the real problem?
  • Are the same bunch that gave us the slow-motion train wreck that was John McCain’s 2008 campaign determined to repeat that disaster by foisting a moderate candidate on a Republican base that wants none of it?
  • Does Barack Obama really think he can con the voters again by running an even more deceitful campaign than his last one? His first campaign ad suggests that he does.
  • Will Barack Obama finally be forced to confront the issue of whether he is Constitutionally eligible to be president? A recent court decision suggests that he will.

Join us today for the rest of the story.


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