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As our fellow citizens in Alabama were surveying the devastation wrought by the worst tornados in nearly four decades, and picking through piles of debris that were once their homes and churches, Barack Obama was in doing the full Alinsky at the White House Correspondents’ dinner last night. The audience of unelected democrats, sometimes also known as “journalists,” delighted in his revelry about the release of what may be his actual birth certificate, and his juvenile and petulant attack on his apparent actual rival. Donald Trump. He mocked Mr. Trump as a reality star goofball, leaving some of us to wonder why the supposed Leader of the Free World was deigning to even mention someone you would think he would consider insignificant. When he purported to mock his own TelePrompTer dependence in a cringe-inducing video, we remembered his elevation of a small-town, publicity seeking preacher, who discovered that torching a koran is the ticket A-list celebrity. Are we noticing a pattern here, in which Barack Obama takes the opportunity to lash out at anyone who dares to question his policies while his targets sit in forced silence, in the audience, unable to respond?

The alleged entertainment of the evening, SNL’s Seth Meyers (or “Meyer” as the president called him), didn’t disappoint, serving up the inevitable, and predictable joke about the tea party’s racism.

Of course, the Critiquelator, certified black enough to criticize the Left, has something to say about the release of the One’s birth certificate. Apparently even the disgust expressed by David Letterman, CBS’ Bob Schieffer, Whoopee Goldberg and other brilliant, insightful commentators, who have pronounced any discussion of Barack Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen” as “racist” won’t deter him.

We recently got more evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is in fact the son of his Kenyan father. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Perhaps he should have told Bill Ayers to title that book “Schemes of My Father.”

Speaking of schemes, with the looming presidential election, it’s clear that the so-called DREAM (read “nightmare”) act is a non-starter in Congress. That’s not stopping the Illinois legislature in pursuing amnesty and assistance for “undocumented” students in their state. They plan to push through a state version of the DREAM act this month. Find out what you can do to stop them.

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  1. I have few comments regarding the “birth certificate” and the controversy surrounding its release. First and foremost, speaking as a professional investigator and an amateur historian, whenever one is presented with a document you must question the document’s source and the document’s provenance since the document was created or discovered. This factor alone gives me reason to question the document’s veracity. Since when has this administration or this President been straightforward about anything, especially regarding an issue that this administration considers a liability? Those of us who are skeptical of the President and his administration know well that this administration does not release anything unless they feel that it will work to their advantage in some way.

    Secondly, even a rudimentary examination of this document raises several red flags that call this document’s authenticity into question. I think it would be quite interesting to compare this “birth certificate” to others that were issued by the same hospital in the same year that this document supposedly originates from. This seems like something that the dear reader’s supporters in the mainstream media could easily do. I await the results of such a comparison.

    And lastly, this document, if you accept it at face value (which I do not), only confirms what many of us have known all along. The dear reader is the child of one American citizen and one Kenyan citizen and as such does not meet the constitutional requirements to be considered a “natural born citizen”.

  2. What a difference a day makes! For the first time since his presidency began, I am proud of our President. Finally there is something genuinely historic about this presidency. I have a new respect for the President and his decision to authorize the mission that ultimately resulted in the sudden death of our country’s most hated enemy. Apparently the President pulled the trigger on the mission without first seeking a consensus from the international community or attempting to negotiate with any of the concerned parties. Will miracles never cease?

  3. I am very proud of our military, and delighted. Yes, it is surprising that the One didn’t feel the need to consult with the U.N. Even a blind squirrel finds the occasional acorn.

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