The Pig Says “I’ll Be Damned. We CAN fly!”

When I first heard this story about flying pork, I thought it was flying dork, and thought “Don’t tell me Obama’s going on another vacation!”

Larry Wentzel on Flickr:  License here:

Larry Wentzel on Flickr: License here:

From Yahoo News:

Authorities in northern Colorado say a 250-pound porker escaped relatively unscathed when it flew out of a trailer that was being pulled at about 65 mph on Interstate 25.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports ( ) the pig fell out of the trailer west of Windsor on Thursday morning and took refuge under a tractor-trailer that had pulled up on the scene.

Colorado State Patrol Trooper G.A. Villavicencio says he has dealt with sheep and cows on roadways, but never pigs.

Sheriff’s deputies and road workers pulled the pig from under the truck by its hind legs. After a little squealing, it was checked out by a vet and returned to its owner.

The pig suffered some road rash to its ears and snout but was otherwise unhurt.

As opposed to the pig who said “my wife is a slut.” Remember?


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