The Reason That Trayvon Martin Didn’t Just Run Home

After being bullied by race hustlers into prosecuting an innocent man for the crime of self-defense, today the state of Florida continued its disgraceful attempt to justify this show trial by referring to Trayvon Martin as a “child” during its closing arguments. Yesterday, during the discussion of jury instructions, they even engaged in the ridiculous charade of trying to suggest that George Zimmerman’s actions constituted “child abuse.” This narrative is the one that we’ve heard for the last year and a half from those trying to use this tragedy to gin up the racial division that is their bread and butter, be it Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama or any number of other similar titans of the race industry. One of the witnesses in this case was even basing her opinion that Trayvon Martin was smaller than George Zimmerman on photos taken when Martin was 12 years old. When she saw how he looked right before he died, at age 17, she said might have been confused about which man was on top delivering the pummeling.

During his closing argument today, defense attorney Mark O’Mara dramatically paused after about 1 hour and 20 minutes, set a timer for 4 minutes, and left everyone in the courtroom sitting in silence. After the time had expired, he noted that 4 minutes was the amount of time that Trayvon Martin was running, at least according to the timeline pieced together from the 911 call, leaving him to ask, and everyone with a few functioning brain cells to wonder, why didn’t Trayvon, the sweet young boy with the Skittles and iced tea, terrified of this crazed vigilante with murder in his heart, simply run to the safety of his father’s girlfriend’s (and one of his several baby mamas) home?

A quick look at this “child’s” twitter feed, using the handle, NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, might shed some light on the matter.

Sadly, Trayvon Martin, from a broken home, and with a father with multiple children by several different women seems to be another teenager who like many kids who grow up this way, admired the gangsta lifestyle, and we know that one of the worst things someone can do in that culture is to “diss” another person, as in “disrespect.”  If someone disses you, that person has got to answer for it. Just ask Aaron Hernandez, who was also dissed, apparently by one of the people he is suspected of murdering. He was also a devotee of the gangsta program.  Trayvon was not going to be dissed by anyone, and certainly not some “creepy ass cracker.” That’s the reason he didn’t just take his Skittles and go home, but chose instead to beat the snot out of that cracker, who unfortunately for him, was able to defend himself.

Interestingly, while I was doing research for this post, I came across a post entitled “The Relationship Between Anger, Control And Fear” by Torey Richards who is a licensed mental health counselor in, of all places, Sanford, Florida. He writes:

Most of my clients with anger problems, once they get to the point where they can verbalize and dissect where their anger is coming from, are actually afraid. They are afraid of losing control, being taken advantage of, being ignored, etc. Take a client of mine who got into a fight while standing in line at a burger joint when he felt someone had blatantly skipped him. Does it make since for a grown man to get in a fight over a $5 hamburger because he had to wait an extra two minutes? Was it worth him going to jail and having to take anger management classes? Of course not, but to him at the time it was. He was eventually able to tell me that the reason he got so angry so quickly is because when he got skipped it made him afraid that he was invisible, that he would be seen as weak, and that he wouldn’t be respected. His fear is what made him so angry and caused him to act in an irrational way. At the same time, his need to be respected caused him to want to control the situation by making the other other person respect him and beating him up until he did.

The gangsta mentality encourages people to act out on these impulses, and that’s what Trayvon Martin was doing on that rainy night in February 2012. It’s a sad tragic event, one that everyone wishes had never happened, but it’s not an excuse to persecute an innocent man.


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