The Return of Mean Michelle

How apropos for Halloween. To paraphrase the movie “Poltergeist,” she’s back. At the very end of yesterday’s show, I mentioned this terrific piece, “Michelle Obama and ‘the Few at the Top,’ “by Victor Davis Hansen about Michelle Obama’s return to the campaign trail, railing against the evil rich, which of course is a category that does not in her warped world view include her or her worthless husband.

And when Ms. Obama charges, “Will we be a country where opportunity is limited to just the few at the top? Who are we?” one wonders, why, then, in the past three years of hard times, did she insist on vacationing, in iconic fashion, at Vail, Martha’s Vineyard, and Costa del Sol, the tony haunts of “the few at the top”? In these rough times, surely a smaller staff, less travel, and budgetary economies would have enhanced her populist message of some at the top enjoying perks at the expense of others.

For additional commentary on Mighty Michelle’s grating campaign style, I recommend this piece by Joseph Curl about our angry First Lady.

These pieces raise so many questions. Must our friends in the Obama campaign, both on the official payroll, and those also called “journalists” try to tell us that this phony seething cauldron of race-based grievance and entitlement is the Obama campaign’s secret weapon in the re-election effort? Must they continue to try to tell people with functioning eyes that she is a beautiful, fashion icon? We can see that most genuinely beautiful women don’t wear more makeup than your average female impersonator.  Michelle does. I wonder if she wears those false eyelashes that her full-time makeup artist applies when she’s working out with the trainer that they fly in from Chicago?

It may be time for her to get on the horn to Mayor Emanuel to start working on lining up another six-figure, affirmative-action, no-show gig in Chicago, something a little less hellish than being a professional vacationer/self-appointed national health and fitness expert.


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