The Teri O’Brien Show Wins Red State Talk Radio’s 2014 “Excellence in Broadcasting” Award

The Teri O'Brien Show wins Red State Talk Radio's "Excellence in Broadcasting" Award for 2014.

The Teri O’Brien Show wins Red State Talk Radio’s “Excellence in Broadcasting” Award for 2014.

We share this year’s award with America Talks, hosted by David Zublick.

From Red State Talk Radio:

I am pleased to announce that we had a tie in the voting for this award and the winners of the 2014 “Excellence in Broadcasting Award” are: America Talks & The Teri O’Brien Show!
Congrats to both shows! Be sure to give these show a listen and find out why they are so popular!
Premo Mondone
General Manager
Red State Talk Radio

AND, for the third consecutive year, Red State Talk Radio has been voted “Top Internet Network”  by!

Thanks so much to Premo for all his hard work building the network, and growing the audience. I am proud to have been a RSTR host since 2010. Thanks also to my fellow RSTR hosts for creating the great content that has lead to the network’s growth.

Onward and upward!

The Teri O'Brien Show