The Tonight Show Goes North Korean

UPDATED: To include the audio of the One talking about abortion and pandering to his moronic base

In certain godless communist hellholes, what Karl Marx liked to call “the masses” live in miserable poverty and slavery, so that the political royalty can live in luxury. The dictators in charge use both hard and soft methods to maintain control of their populations. The former techniques include torture, murder, terrorism and just general brutality. The softer side of dictatorship consists of controlling information available to the people, limiting it to regime-friendly propaganda. North Korea and Cuba spring to mind.

After seeing Jay Leno’s fawning interview with Barack Obama from last night’s “Tonight Show,” it’s clear that if he’s looking for a change of pace, Jay can cruise right into a job hosting a show on North Korean TV. It was a series of scripted opportunities and set up questions, designed to let the Dear Reader attempt to regain some of his alleged “like ability,” which has always been completely lost of me, frankly, and once again distract voters from issues like the rotten economy and his unraveling foreign policy with questions about his daughters’ Halloween costumes, what super power he’d like to have, and what he can do about the NHL lockout. It was also an opportunity for the One to assert his talking points in a fun, entertaining way, perfect for the low-information cohort that is the democrats’ chief constituency.

Here are just a couple examples:

Here, Barry recites his planned applause line, in which he courageously declares that “rape is rape.”


Here, Barry explains how important the upcoming election is because of the Supreme Court, and repeats left-wing lie about Planned Parenthood being a major provider of mammograms.  BTW, who explained the phrase “Supreme Court” to this audience?


Here, B. Hussein delivers one of the clever lines he wrote for his new stump speech, about “Romnesia.” He should stick to letting his writers write the comedy.


Here, Jay gives Barry a chance to recite the “zinger” they prepared about Donald Trump, to mock those idiot “birthers.”




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