The Truth About the “Obama Phone”: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

All of us who thought that Flip Wilson had passed away back in 1998 were shocked to hear a gut bustingly hilarious audio clip flood the airwaves at the end of last week, featuring the return of Geraldine, this time telling us that “Romney sucks,” and waxing eloquent about her “Obama phone.” Then we saw the video and we realized it was not Geraldine, but a lucky recipient of goodies from Obama’s stash. Predictably, once the YouTube video of this woman went viral, our friends on the Left pounced on what they consider another “racist” distortion of the truth from the evil vast right-wing conspiracy. Here’s an example from one of my Facebook friends:

“Crazy, rant of the day debunked: Obama is giving free phones to poor people just like that redistributionist, socialist Ronald Reagan. Horrors! Paid for by cell phone users, not government, by the way.”

This sort of comment is why my work is never done. I think I’ve warned people more than once about trying to get accurate information from Rachel Maddow, but sometimes people don’t get the message. This guy’s defense of the One is like a lot of what is said and written by the Obama campaign; that is, often the words, while technically accurate, are EXTREMELY misleading in context. What’s the truth about these “free” phones? We’ll unpack it on today’s show.

Speaking of the baloney factory that is the Obama campaign, today’s designated mouthpiece David Plouffe almost broke my well-calibrated and highly sensitive BS detector on the Sunday shows, especially when pressed on the disgusting and incessant lies by everyone in the administration about the murder of four Americans in Libya. Not only did Barack Obama repeatedly mislead the American public about what happened, immediately after one of his deceptive statements, he jetted off to Vegas (yeah! Vegas, Baby!) for a fundraiser. As long-time democrat Pat Caddell noted recently, this disgraceful episode should be Barack Obama’s Katrina moment. Why isn’t it?

You know the answer to that last question as well as I do. Our fifth column media is in overdrive trying to help Barack Obama avoid having to defend his indefensible record. It’s going to be up to Mitt Romney to hold his feet to the fire. Many have high hopes for that happening on Wednesday’s debate. I have some advice for Mitt Romney. What say you?

We’ll also welcome Laer Pearce, author of Crazyfornia: Tales from the Tarnished State-How California is Destroying Itself and Why it Matters to America. Is California’s economic disaster a preview of coming attractions for the rest of the country?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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