The Truth About the Trayvon Martin Shooting-Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

UPDATE: I was informed right before show time that the photo below may be of a different Trayvon Martin. Developing. . . 

Isn’t it amazing how much everybody “knows” about the shooting of Trevon Martin? From Al Sharpton to Jeb Bush, everybody “knows” that the shooter is, at best, “a little off,” and at worst, a crazed, racist lunatic bent on murder. But what facts are our media friends not telling us? What did Martin’s father say about the cries for help heard on the 911 tape? What was in the police report after the incident about those cries for help? On Friday, I called Obama out for playing the race card, as did former Speaker Newt Gingrich. What did Obama apparatchik David Plouffe, who made the rounds on the Sunday shows, say about that?

This isn't the sweet little boy we've been seeing on tv al week, is it? (H/T Jawa Report, and SL Mensa)

How did you celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Obamacare?

What do the results of yesterday’s Louisiana primary say about the presidential race, if anything? We’ll ask one of the founders of the Tea Party.

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  1. As a woman of color you really need to stop. Stop with the garbage, George Zimmerman is a lunatic, who should not have been in charge of any thing. He should be incarcerated with the other criminals

    • It is really disturbing that this is a race issue. It is also disgusting that we need to push for our race like it is a sports team. People made their decision that Trayvon was a martyr before any facts were in and issuing death threats and organizing protests before anyone knew anything. Meanwhile, as you see in the above picture, this kid took on the thug persona. Tag yourself as a gangster and then get mad at people who treat you like a criminal. Don’t worry. The millions of hard working Americans that are getting fed up with these kids have learned from the real martyr in this story. Let the police take care of it. The kid may have a well spoken mother that the liberal media can exploit and make it even harder to stay safe from crime. Don’t get it twisted libs. This is the only outcome when you protect these thugs. Hard working people getting pushed below thugs on the American Totem Pole. I feel bad for this kid. He is a product of a culture that glorifies thuggery, welfare, and being a petty hustler. Rob your neighbors, sag your pants, sell drugs, rape, disrespect the police. I’ll keep breaking you off a piece of my paycheck so you can buy skittles and dime sacks. By the way, my family never owned a slave.

  2. As a man of Caucasian the facts should be heard, the media has sided with trayvon but how many people actually know what happend? Only one. Stop with your racism mrs Lois. Let the both sides be heard.

  3. George Zimmerman shold be in jail for life even if Travon did attack George because Travon walked away from the fight in then George came to start the problem again and shot Travon thats why George Zimmerman should be in jail for life.

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