WATCH: Then and Now: Sen. Obama Rips President Bush Katrina Response

Remember Hurricane Katrina? The usual liberals were acting from the usual liberal playbook. Feigned outrage and name-calling are their favorite predictable ploys.

Hurricane Katrina: The silly comedian who was THE news source for moronic millennials,  Jon Stewart, called it President George W. Bush’s “Monica Lewinsky moment.” (and naturally had to refer to Ms. Lewinsky’s lady parts), Dullard rapper Kanye West stunned a live tv telethon audience by claiming that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people, and Pompous blowhard Keith Olbermann, inadvertently anticipating the future First Klingon, her Royal Wideness, Michelle Obama, called President Bush “a 21st Century Marie Antoinette.”

We would expect this load of crap from the likes of this troika of pinheads, but from the brilliant, eloquent, energetic young senator, the rising star of the democrat party, whose “soaring rhetoric” inspired men in their 60’s to report “thrills up” their legs?

How things change in 8 years! As noted here, today HWWOW(He Who Walks on Water) will try to avoid water, as in water hazards on the links. But, hey, you folks in Louisiana, look at it this way.If he does end up in a water hazard, he’ll think of you. (H/T Machete of Truth).

Do you think Barack Obama should have gone to Baton Rouge? Of course, even he wanted to, he cannot now. Once Donald Trump announced his trip, that ended any chance of the One showing up. Perhaps that’s a good thing. Haven’t those people suffered enough?


  1. You mean the Left lies? You’re stealing my lines. 🙂 Seriously, you are correct. Thanks for your comment! I look forward to more,

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