VIDEO: There He Goes Again: Jackass Obama Spews More Marxist Claptrap

This time about the death tax. I almost spit my breakfast up when I saw this clip on C-SPAN on Thursday, 4/16/15. Is it ironic that over the last few months when Obama was bending over backwards to enable and assist his fellow Marxist friends, the murderous Castro brothers, he kept saying that it’s wrong to do the same thing for 50 years if it isn’t working? Marxists have been advocating the same thing for over 150 years, and unless you think repression, poverty, torture and murder is a definition of success, that has never worked. Still, he soldiers on for the cause.

So, once again, this radical leftist unabashedly makes clear that he believes that he is entitled to take from the makers to buy votes from the takers. Meanwhile, this clown and his repellant wife, Her Royal Wideness aka The First Klingon,  live in ridiculous luxury, jetting all over the planet to vacation at the most expensive resorts on earth, hosting celebrity-studded soirees, and closing down cities for their “date nights.” The ability of the worthless, parasitic political class to continue to suck us dry depends on staying in power, which is what this demagoguery is all about.

I love the slick attempt to divert attention from the principle that there is no authority in the Constitution for the federal government to engage in income redistribution. In fact, the Fifth Amendment specifically prohibits the taking of property without due process of law. Where is the moral authority for the federal government to put a gun to the head of one citizen, confiscate the fruits of his labor, and give them to someone else? More irony: Isn’t this race-hustling empty suit always harkening back to America’s “legacy” of slavery, cynically stoking the flames of racial division because he thinks its politically expedient? Yet, income redistribution is nothing but slavery.

Illustrating once again the truth of the immortal words of George Gilder: “Socialism is theft by the greedy from the productive.”

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