There He Goes Again: Joe Biden Outgaffes Even Himself

What are we to make of Joe Biden’s endless series of hilarious gaffes, the frequency of which seems to have accelerated this week? Yesterday it was a repulsive reference to putting people in chains, punctuated with the ever popular on-off Southern dialect. Today he doesn’t even know what century he’s in ! Is he understandably freaked out at the thought of having to debate Paul Ryan? Or is he setting up his excuse for making an early exit from the ticket? Given his bizarre statements and behavior, no one would be surprised by an announcement that Joe has a brain tumor, and therefore can no longer continue to serve the American people as he has so dutifully for decades. God love ya, Joe. We hope that you aren’t really sick and that you are just looking for a graceful exit. Frankly, if you do step down, I will miss you. The Vice Presidential debate featuring you, a doddering old fool trying to understand a scary smart, articulate policy wonk, was going to be an early Christmas present for me.

Joe, it’s unfortunate that your boss can’t blame his pathetic performance in office on a brain tumor. After all, he’s done a Charles Whitman on our country.

Will Joe step down? What say you?

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