There He Goes Again: Like Everything Else, the Shooting of Trayvon Martin is All About Obama

It was only a matter of time before Barack Obama would respond to the screeching protests launched by race baiters like Al Sharpton over the shooting death of an unarmed 17 year-old, Trayvon Martin, by neighborhood watch guy George Zimmerman, even though was only four days ago that the White House was taking the position that this case is a matter for local law enforcement, and possibly the local FBI office. This crisis was too good to waste. Nice to know Obama still dances to the tune called by New Black Panther Party and Sharpton. Today, the One decided to take the opportunity to rally his base, saying something rather bizarre in the process:

“My main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin,” Obama said. “You know if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon.”

Oh, so that’s why it matters! In the last few days, as I watched the same Lame Stream Media that ginned up race-based outrage against innocent Duke Lacrosse players endlessly bleating about why the shooter in this case has not been arrested, I thought it was just the usual liberal obsession with magnifying examples that fit their view of Racist Amerika. No, as it turns out, like everything else, it’s about Barack Obama! “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” That’s what makes all the difference!

On the March 11 edition of the Teri O’Brien Show, I asked why Barack Obama, who spoke “movingly,” and by “movingly” I mean in a way that stimulated my gag reflex in a serious way, about his daughters while explaining his phone call to freeloader/political operative Sandra “What the” Fluke, hadn’t called 13 year-old Allen Coon, who was the victim of a racially-motivated attack.

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Now, it’s all clear. Not only was Allen Coon’s story not useful to B. Hussein in the presidential campaign, he didn’t look like Sham WOW (Walks on Water). Allen, after all, is white.

Today, in his statement about the Martin shooting, Obama also stated that “we all need to do some soul searching.” Speak for yourself, Dude. I don’t need to do any soul searching. I’m not projecting any racism on any one. You and Eric Holder can’t say the same.


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  1. Hey Teri,

    I know you don’t need to do no soul searching since you don’t have one. How about explaining your view of why there have been no arrests? Do you think that it is just presumed that the shooter was justified without any trier of fact needed?

  2. The death of this young man is a travesty.
    But the crime against Allan Coon is just as bad. This young man was targeted specifically because he was white. There is no evidence at this time that the Martin boy was targeted because he was black.
    Obama and Sharpton jumping in on this are like vultures after a kill.
    If Obama was going to say anything I would have appreciated if he would have commented about the crimes and attacks on all the children, not just children that look like him.

  3. Soooo Happy, I would suggest you let this play out a bit. It’s a bit premature to conclude anything yet. Let’s see what the witness says.

  4. Of course, Mensa, the people screaming for blood don’t care about the facts. Even though they weren’t there and have no clue what happened, they “know” that Martin was shot because he was black, and Barack “Mr. Uniter” Obama encourages that disgusting point of view.

  5. There have been no arrests because the law enforcement officers who conducted the initial investigation determined that Mr. Zimmerman acted in accordance with Florida state law when he defended himself from Mr. Martin. They determined that Mr. Zimmerman had been viciously attacked by Mr. Martin, who was physically larger than Mr. Zimmerman. All Mr. Martin had to do to avoid being shot was to not attack Mr. Zimmerman. Why did Mr. Martin attack Mr. Zimmerman?

  6. SH**,
    As usual, your silence when confronted with inconvenient information is deafening. How about explaining your view of why Mr. Martin attacked Mr. Zimmerman. As more and more inconvenient information about Mr. Martin surfaces it would seem that he is not the angelic cherub that he has been widely portrayed as being in the media. How about explaining your comment that Mrs. Obrien has no soul.

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