There is One Thing I am Dreading About the Democrat Convention

On last Sunday’s show, I mentioned that both the Critiquelator and I are looking forward to the Democrat convention, which begins today. Of course, it will be a motherlode of material for this site, the show, and the Critiquelator’s commentaries, as if we need more material! Seeing this video of the narcissistic, unqualified, affirmative-action assisted empty suit (chair) currently squatting in the Oval Office, I realize that there is one thing that I am dreading, the inevitable screeching from the One. What might seem to some as “soaring rhetoric” sounds to me like nails-on-a-blackboard cacophonous racket. For example, here he is yesterday in Toledo, Ohio:


  1. I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to click on “Play”. I don’t want to have to beat my computer.

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