Why Would “They Let” Obama Continue to Lie About Obamacare? Why Did He Keep Saying a YouTube Video Caused the Murder of 4 Americans at Benghazi? Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-22-13




Good questions, no?

Thanks to our guests, Ben Yount of Illinois Watchdog and Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA. 

To Impeach, Or Not To Impeach (column by J.D. Longstreet, publisher of our Blog of the Day, Omega Dispatch)

Liberal Relatives? CHECK OUT: YourLiberalAunt.Com! – YouTube (From our guest, Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point USA)

Your Liberal Aunt | Turning Point USA

Judge claims Homeland Security is delivering smuggled children to illegal immigrant parents | Mail Online

 Despite ‘staggering’ success, Illinois drops Medicaid fraud finder « Watchdog.org

Illinois state governor touts 100K Obamacare enrollees, all in Medicaid « Watchdog.org

Sebelius approves hardship exemption for those with healthcare plans canceled : Augusta Free Press

Spiderman stages a special performance for autistic fans | PBS NewsHour | Dec. 21, 2013 | PBS (not intended to make fun of the autistic children who attend these special performances; rather, to point out that Obama seemed ready to have an on-camera breakdown during his 12/19/13 press conference, and probably could have benefitted from having his own stress-relieving Koosh ball)


  1. Teri:
    I can answer both questions easily. Obamacare– Obama’s signature legislation. Along with all other empty promises, it’s what got him elected. He’s the Muslim “Santa Claus!” We all know how people of lesser intelligence love “free stuff!” (the low information voters)

    Benghazi: The deal has been cut with RINO Republicans to let Hillary run… In so doing, I think that Boehner has agreed not to pursue it. Anyone along with me think that it has anything to do with those 900 missing FBI Files in Hillary’s posession? Hmmmmm. I still don’t believe in the computer age that ay of these are really missing, suggesting a “breech” in FBI’s security. Between them and Homeland Security, which are we to trust less???

  2. Of Course they would lie about Obamacare. In keeping with Communist Doctrine and I quote Vladimir Lenin: “Medicine is the Keystone in the Arch of Socialism.” Translation — “We can take your liberty and property by denying you medical care.” That’s what it’s all about! Don’t believe me? How many died under communism?

    Item #2 “Benghazi.” It is being reported that the democrats are making Hillary the Hier-Apparent, to the Thrown…. (Do we even have a Constitutional Republic anymore?). You’d never know it from John Boehner and Harry Reid. Even the Courts! The fact is that Hillary, as Secretary of State bears full and direct responsibility for the fiasco that was Benghazi… “and” what ever happend to those hundreds of Stinger Missiles that were given to the Libyans, which have now fallen into the hands of the Taliban (and Al Qaida)! Stevens was sent over to negotiate their return via a buyback of all things! Evidently things went south during the discussions. Mainstream media reporting? (Crickets chirping) Dead Americans? (Crickets chirping) Military Response? “Stand-Down” orders during the attack…with a following purge of Military Commanders, all the way up to the Joint Chiefs!

    • I really wish Benghazi had been discussed in further detail on the show yesterday.

    • Hillary knows that if she runs for president, she’ll have to answer for Benghazi, and that the “what difference does it make?” line was a real foot-in-mouth moment. It may even stop her from running. I think you mean “Throne,” not “Thrown.” That kind of thing happens to me when I use my dictation software, and it’s irritating! Cheers.

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