Things that piss me off about the Trayvon Martin case.

First of all, I’m sick of the lynch mob run by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the other professional race pimps. What do they want, a return to the bad old days of mob rule? Of all people, black people in the south should oppose that. And, it distresses me to see that the only time these leeches are bothered by young black males being murdered is when they are murdered by people other than young black males (about .00000000001% of the time.)

Secondly, I’m sick of the people who think George Zimmerman is the most innocent person in the world. “He was just defending himself”. “Trayvon Martin was beating him up” yammer yammer yammer. Zimmerman was punking Martin because Martin is black and looked like a burglar — to Zimmerman! The goofball then calls 911. Hey, where I come from you call 911 in an emergency, not because someone you think looks suspicious is walking down the street. For Cris’sake, is someone going to call 911 because they think I look dangerous when I’m walking my freakin’ pit bull at night? Is someone going to call 911 if I forget my poop bag? In my opinion, Zimmerman deserved to get his ass kicked, and who’s to say that Trayvon Martin didn’t think that he needed to defend himself against a total stranger who was following him around for no reason?

Third, I’m really sick and tired of shoddy police work. Were Martin and Zimmerman tested for the presence of drugs or alchohol? Was Martin tested for powder burns, which, if not present, would disprove Zimmerman’s version of events. Also, Zimmerman is reported to have said that Trayvon Martin was grabbing for his gun. Was the gun tested for Martin’s prints? Had Zimmerman pulled the gun out before Martin grabbed for it? And by the way. have the voices on the 911 tapes been analyzed? I heard two different tapes with two different voices, and they were distinctly different. (I also read of a witness who also said she heard two different voices.) To me, it seems like the police basically did a half-assed job. When lethal force is used, the survivor’s version of events MUST ALWAYS BE VIEWED WITH SKEPTICISM! Otherwise, we are giving people a license to kill (just make sure there are no witnesses to contradict your testimony.

Now that a special prosecutor has been appointed, and a real investigation is being carried out. we should be able to get as close to the truth as is humanly possible. I don’t know what the truth is, but I do know this: Trayvon Martin is dead because some idiot shot him. And the idiot’s role should not be disregarded. Perhaps George Zimmerman really is torn apart with sadness and remorse over this incident, in which case he should be pitied, but certainly not lionized.

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