Thousands Attended This Concert, and Only 6 Could Name His Congressman

A frequent theme on the show is praise for David Plouffe’s brilliant 2008 campaign strategy, which has been well-documented and is indisputable. Howard Stern, John Ziegler, and John Stossel have shown us the evidence. The 2008 Obama game plan focused on mobilizing the low- and no-information voting population whose previous experience with voting consisted of texting in on Tuesday nights in support of their favorite “American Idol” contestants. It’s a miracle that these clueless mouth breathers managed to find their ways back home from the polling places after proudly voting for the One. (Howard recently repeated this interviews, and they are HILARIOUS! Click here to listen to Obama supporters say that they don’t mind that Obama is a Mormon or that Romney is black. Some think McCain and Sarah Palin are running again.)

Barack Hussein Obama was so cool, right? And so, the ignorant, and the stupid, which are sometimes the same people, elected our first celebutard president. And that’s worked out so well, hasn’t it?

In what may or may not be an official outreach by the Obama campaign, here’s a recent pitch to their target market, this time by hagged-out, aging skank Madonna:

So she thinks Obama is a “black Muslim,” and he’s for “gay rights?” Of course, because Muslims are all about gay rights, as everyone knows. Sadly, this incoherent rant apparently not only makes sense to this crowd.

It’s not fair to say that Madonna’s impassioned speech isn’t inspiring, though. I suspect that her promise to disrobe if Obama is re-elected will inspire some to vote. For Mitt Romney.


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