Time for the Chicago Way: Obama to Meet Today with Insurance Execs

Now that he has broken the eggs to make his Obamacare omelette, the One wants insurance companies to unscramble them so that he and the democrats won’t get the blame for this ridiculous fiasco, including, but not limited to the $600 million and 3.5 years spent on a worthless website, in 2014. Today he will try to strong arm those evil “bad apple” insurance companies, who just a couple of weeks ago he accused of selling “substandard” plans into selling them again. He wants to “work together.” From The Hill:

“Today CEOs from across the health insurance industry will be meeting with President Obama and senior administration officials to discuss ways to work together to help people enroll through the Marketplace and efforts to minimize disruption for consumers as they transition to new coverage,” a White House official said.

After spending almost 4 years destroying these existing plans, now he wants to change the rules again with a wave of his magic scepter. He will try to bully these insurance execs by promising to hang the blame for his screw up around their necks.

Is it just me, or does this mess get more ridiculous every day?


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