Is It Time to Impeach Delusional Obama? Today The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-22-13

Other than psychiatrists seeking to have more insight into narcissistic personality disorder and self-delusion, no one could have gotten anything out of Barack Obama’s pre-Hawaiian vacation press conference. For the rest of us, it was a complete waste of time. He brushed aside his de facto repeal of his “signature achievement” the night before, which allowed people to return to the catastrophic health insurance policies they used to have. It’s a “hardship” exception from Obamacare, which as it turns out is in fact the hardship that caused the need for the exception. Obamacare made these “substandard” policies illegal, forcing insurance companies to cancel them, which has created the “hardship.” See what I mean about delusion and insanity? Is it time to use the only remedy available to rid this country of this lawless regime, impeachment? Is that even possible? Is there another possible way to return to constitutional government and the separation of powers the Founders understood was so critical?

In this bizarre excursion into the mind of a delusional despot, the One touted the great recent “successes” of Obamacare, including the “2 million” who now have “health care.” Wait, aren’t most of these people signing up for Medicaid? Oh, never mind. If there’s a better definition for a successful “transformation” of the health care system than throwing millions of people off private insurance and into a bankrupt, government-run “insurance” program that physicians want no part of, I’d like to see it. And, as hard as it is to believe, apparently, there’s a lot of fraud in Medicaid. Hard to believe, but our guest Ben Yount of Illinois Watchdog will tell us how his state is trying to make sure that as much as fraud as possible continues.

With Christmas approaching, we’re once again to try to help you navigate the dicey holiday waters that can result when you attend holiday gatherings with liberals. Our other special guest, Charlie Kirk Founder and Executive Director of  Turning Point USA, will share his great strategies for dealing with Your Liberal Aunt.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.



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