Time to Call His Bluff: Take the Deal

As many, including the Speaker himself, have noted, John Boehner’s deal to raise the debt ceiling is not perfect. There aren’t enough spending cuts in the here and now, and I don’t think any of us is fooled by yet another pass-the-buck commission, promising us yet again that this time, we will face the hideous reality of decades of profligate spending. Still, I support it, and I encourage you to do the same for the following reasons:

When all of this started, I don’t think that most of us believed that the Republicans would stand firm on “no new taxes.” We expected the typical linguini-spined caving and cowering in the face of the anticipated (and probably inevitable) Lame Stream Media disinformation and distortion campaign. Miracle of miracles: they didn’t!

The astounding stalwart refusal of the House Republicans to even hear of any new taxes no doubt accounts for Barack Hussein Obama’s petulant tantrum last Friday evening. He can’t believe that they didn’t fold, and now, he is reduced to near irrelevancy, once again voting present, his masquerade as the “grown up” exposed and ridiculed even by his supporters.

It forces the democrats to vote on the balanced budget amendment before the end of the year, at least in theory. I’m not entirely clear on how a piece of legislation can require a vote, and I think we are all aware of the parliamentary machinations that members of Congress to use to delay voting on legislation indefinitely.

It will enrage the Left, who are already angry at their former messiah.

It will force Obama to defend his outrageous spending, designed to “remake” America by addressing the issue of “fairness,” code for government-imposed income redistribution, during next year’s election. That is the reason that Harry Reid and the Senate democrats signed a letter yesterday, vowing to oppose the Boehner bill. That’s also reason enough to support the deal. It advances Objective One: insuring that Barack Obama joins his equally-incompetent predecessor, Jimmy Carter, as a one-term president.

The Senate Dems say it’s DOA, and Obama says he’ll veto it? Go ahead. Make our day.

So, I’m with Col. Allen West: I’ll drive the car.


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