Time to Get Busy to Kill Amnesty-Call Today

From the Washington Post:

Call it open mic day in the House GOP conference.

Republicans are set to huddle behind closed doors Wednesday afternoon (emphasis mine) to discuss the politically complicated issue of immigration. What to expect in the meeting? Some pretty stark differences in opinion in a group that has mostly refused to march in lockstep on a variety of other fronts.

OK, Kids. The time has come to fry the switchboard. Call 202-224-3121 and the operator will connect you with your member of Congress. Please tell them to KILL the Senate Bill, and–this is critical–NO CONFERENCE. As we have discussed on the show, if there’s a conference, the House will get rolled by Schumer and Company they way Sen. Marco Rubio did.

You can also call Speaker Boehner:  202 225-6205.

Time to let them know that you know that this amnesty is bad for the American middle class and bad for our country. If you need more amno, there’s some here, here, and here.

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