To Celebrate Law Day, Barack Hussein Obama Tells Us His Favorite Use for The Constitution

With apologies to all you Marxists out there, including Barack Hussein Obama (mmm …mmm…mmm), I present this special graphic, which I think captures the attitude of the current occupant of the Oval Office toward our Constitution.

Barack Hussein Obama, U.S. Constitution

Remember, it’s an icky doctrine of “negative rights.”

Barack told us back in 2001 that he has contempt for this stupid document written by those racist, imperialistic DWEM (Dead White European Men) as a document of “negative liberties,” as in it limits what government can do “for” you (actually do TO you, unless you’re one of the beneficiaries of Barack’s stash). I’m sure that Bill Ayers is so proud of how far his pupil has come. Could he even have begun to imagine when he and his charming wife Bernadine Dohrn helped little Barry get his political career started in their Hyde Park living room that he would go so far, and accomplish so much of the demolition of Amerika that he has dreamed of for 50 years?



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