Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 3/20/11

Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, in addition to our usual real time latest news and information, our focus will be on the president’s finally, after receiving that all-important U.N blessing, taking action to do something about the bloodshed in Libya. Of course, by “the president,” I mean Hillary Clinton. A consensus is forming that it was she who persuaded our ever “present”  (as in that’s how he votes) current occupant of the Oval Office to do something other than read a few lame platitudes from his TelePrompter about our “values,” and proclaim self-righteously that Khaddafy must go before heading out to the links. She is also the one who made the deal with the other nations happen. Could she have a hidden agenda? We’ll suggest that the answer is yes, and get your take.


You’d think the Left would be delighted with their Dear Reader’s decision to act against Khaddafy. After all, unlike that evil unilateralist cowboy, George W. Bush aka “Chimpy McHitler,” who needed only the approval of the U.S. Congress to initiate his action to oust a brutal Middle Eastern dictator, B. Hussein had his priorities straight. Bush got the approval of Congress, but not that of the U.N., before taking action to implement what had been U.S. policy since his predecessor had been president; that is, regime change in Iraq. B. Hussein Obama, clearly an American leader who appreciates that, at best, America is just another country among equals, realizes that it’s the approval of the U.N. that matters. Congress? You mean that bunch that mostly represents those bitter-clinging, mouth breathers in Flyover Country? I don’t think so!

The turmoil in Libya and the horrific human suffering in Japan have given union thugs in Wisconsin the opportunity to issue their death threats and otherwise live down to our expectations in their endless campaign to undo the effects of the 2010 election. Speaking of living down to our expectations, the vigilant truth seekers in the Jurassic media have turned a blind eye to this disgusting, vile behavior. What happened to civility? What happened to liberals concern about “hate speech?” They celebrated when an activist judge delayed the implementation of Gov. Walker’s attempt to restore fiscal sanity. The ultimate irony is that some of the very democrats who fled the state to avoid the approaching reality tsunami were involved in the law that will be their undoing.


Is the birther issue Barack Obama’s ace in the hole?


Of course, the Critiquelator will weigh provide his take on the situation in Libya.


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