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A happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! It’s a shame that Barack Obama’s father is not here to celebrate the day with him and his family, having passed away several decades ago. I’ll leave it to you whether I refer to Frank Marshall Davis or Barack Hussein Obama.

The question of the One’s paternity is particularly relevant today, not only because it is Father’s Day, but because that pesky eligibility issue has arisen again, this time in the context of GOP rising star Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. Do you agree that Sen. Rubio is not an Article II “natural born citizen,” and regardless, does that really matter anymore in this post-Constitutional age of Obama? Many elected Republicans, and a few Democrats, including the perpetually outraged Dennis Kucinich and the military phobic Dick Durbin, have expressed concern over President Obama’s alleged violation of idiotic the War Powers Act. Shouldn’t we be more concerned over his shredding of the Constitution, not only by the very act of assuming the presidency, but all the destruction he has caused since assuming office in his quest to “remake” America?

As you well know, the 2012 campaign is well underway. Yesterday at the Republican Leadership Conference, organizers pulled Obama impersonater/comedian Reggie Brown off the stage for his horribly offensive, racist remarks about Barack Obama. How dare anyone actually go after our Dear Reader, especially in front of those who are pretending to want to replace him? Apparently, the establishment Republicans are hell bent on a repeat of the 2008 debacle, featuring an appropriately “civil” non-campaign, while their ridiculously vulnerable opponent cruises to victory and pinches himself in amazement at the continued effectiveness of playing the race card. Both Obama and his sponging wife, who realized early that someone with her limited intelligence and talent had better beat it a government gig where she could also use affirmative action to live large without having to work, realize that if they face any genuine opposition, they will no longer have access to tax-payer funded lives of unbelievable luxury. That’s what’s behind their latest attempt to get Americans to focus on their wonderful family, their “youth outreach,” and the other Oprah-audience preferred subjects, rather than the disaster of their public policies. Just how much is Mouchelle’s “official” trip to Africa, which is actually an excuse to use Air force II as a private jet, costing? Have you seen the prices for safaris in Botswana? I’m sure that seeing Michelle, the girls and their grandma explore exotic locations will make your family’s summer “stay-cation” so much more enjoyable!

One Republican seems unenthusiastic about rolling over, but he’s not in the race. Should he be? Don’t mess with Texas.

One group sure to be delighted at the pig-headed inability of the Republicans to ever learn are the democrats, elected, and unelected, the latter group sometimes called “journalists.” They are offended when we suggest that their reporting has a liberal bias, and they have a defender in comedian/pundit Jon Stewart who appeared today on Fox News Sunday. Does he regret his support of Barack Obama? Does he think there is liberal bias in the media? Is he peddling a hidden agenda. Hear the answers on the show today.

In a 2nd amendment update, a story you heard about on our show back in March has finally made it on to the radar screen of the Lame Stream Media. Is Operation “Fast and Furious” the last straw for Eric Holder?

We bid a fond farewell, at least for the time being, to liberal screecher/ostensible hottie Anthony Weiner. As a conservative public policy commentator, of course I recognize that his political positions were antithetical to the American way of life. As someone who hopes to entertain and amuse you, of course, I’m going to miss a story that wrote its own jokes.

Tune in at 4:00 pm Central time for the rest of the story.


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