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It’s official: as we’ve long noted over the past two years on the Teri O’Brien Show, we are re-living the 1970’s. Governor Moonbeam is governor of California, Jimmy Carter is the president, and, not coincidentally, once again, the powder keg known as the Middle East is ready to explode. We’ll will focus on the real cause of the chaos in what can only hope will not become the new Iran, Egypt, and also answer the question, “did Facebook start a chain of events that will topple Hosni Mubarek’s government?”

You probably didn’t notice that Barack Hussein Obama delivered another lifeless, banal pitch for throwing more of your money at various government boondoggles and down many ratholes, which was supposed to fill his Constitutional obligation to report on the state of the union. This campaign speech/lecture, aka the “WTF speech,” was greeted by his acolytes in the Jurassic media with the usual embarrassing swooning, punctuated by the endless repetition of praise for his wise “turn to the center,” and his Reaganesque rhetoric. We’ll unpack this borefest, and expose the phoniness of Obama’s deathbed conversion to governing as a moderate, and explain the devious hidden agenda that we must defeat if the country we grew up in will continue to exist.

Charlie Sheen is headed for either prison or the morgue after a completely unsurprising drug overdose, I wonder if those who have watched the popular show “Two and a half Men” are inadvertent enablers. What say you?

In advance of the war over raising the debt ceiling, Obama’s apparatchik’s in the LSM stoke the fires of class envy.

Also today the return of the Critiquelator!

And a geezer’s revenge: the gooey mess that resulted when a 75-year-old woman was banned from the public library.
Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.

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