Today’s Crime Outrage. 93 year old woman raped by 17 year old thug.


Nice name, Dude.

From the Daily Mail:

A 17-year-old boy has been charged with rape following a sickening assault on a 93-year-old woman.
Iquise Taylor of Anderson, Indiana, was charged as an adult on Monday after the July 16 attack on Amelia Rudolf at her home.

IN Rape Victim

Here’s the 93 year old woman he allegedly raped.



  1. Why am I not surprised??? Sadly, another slap in the face of black Americans in having scum like this represent their value system. In defense of Americans of African descent (note the way I phrase this), some of the most close-knit, religious, God fearing, and good common sense families I know are black. Yes I said it… Black. Or Negro, or however one deems to reference them. Because of scumbags like the one reported in this news story, collectively they all have been notched down again on the ladder of humanity. Over the course of my many years, I have had the honor of serving and working alonside such talented Black Americans that I lose count. I only hope that someday, when we all stand before God’s Judgement that this hopeless violence is stripped away… and that we see each other in a new light.
    Ol’ Brutus is not getting soft… so never fear. I just felt this had to be said.

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