Told You So: Pathetic RINO Kasich Makes New Hampshire Pitch to ABR (Anybody but Republicans)

Pathetic RINO John Kasich surging in New Hampshire by appealing to everyone but Republicans

I told you several months ago on The Teri O’Brien Show, the only reason that pathetic, lying RINO, Gov. John “I was for importing gazillions of unvetted Syrians before I was against it” Kasich appears to be doing well in New Hampshire is that he is playing McCain’s game; that is, trying to get democrats and “independents” (usually low-information people who need to boost their self-esteem by copping a “no one tells me what to do!” vibe) to vote in the Republican primary.

Now, Politico is reporting on it, in a story headlined, “Non-Republicans power Kasich surge in New Hampshire.” Here’s the subhead: “The Ohio governor is gunning for a strong second-place finish with an all-out appeal to independents and Democrats.”

From the story:

At least in New Hampshire, where independents can vote in the GOP primary, Kasich has created his own lane. Currently in the midst of an eight-day swing across the state, he is stumping mostly in counties that Barack Obama carried four years ago. His strength here, where 44 percent of voters are registered as independents, is a reminder of his potential general election appeal. He’s following the blueprint of John McCain, who won the state in 2000 on the strength of his appeal to independents — no surprise, given that the strategist who engineered that upset 16 years ago, John Weaver, is guiding his campaign.

McCain, of course, flamed out quickly with a loss in South Carolina. And many see New Hampshire’s more moderate electorate as an outlier among the handful of early-voting states that will whittle down the GOP primary field to just three or four contenders.…

Kasich argued that the momentum of finishing second or better in New Hampshire would propel him forward into South Carolina, Nevada and beyond. But make no mistake, he and his team are happy that people are even asking about their campaign lasting beyond the second Tuesday in February.

“The way he looks at it is: ‘This is my shot. I’m going to do it; I’m going to do it the way I want to do it,’” said Tom Rath, Kasich’s New Hampshire strategist. “Right now, he’s getting a lot of positive reinforcement. I think he’d like to stay here forever. (emphasis mine)

That’s a great idea, Johnny. Maybe there’s a local weatherman job open somewhere in the Granite State. Folks there seem to like your lame Jimmy Stewart impression.

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Here he is last fall, pandering on amnesty.  And, guess who thought those assassins on CNBC did a great job moderating that debate last year?


  1. Butt wipe whinny MeMe Kasich is pond scum. Sorry pond scum. I have a mute (Kasich) button on my remote. Pandering is not beneath him. DNC will assist as will RNC to stop Trump.

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