Tonight’s GOP Debate: Brass Knuckle Time

Tonight’s CNN GOP debate should be very interesting. I’ll be watching so you don’t have to. Here’s what I’ll be looking for.


Trump v. Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz has no doubt had it with Donald Trump incessantly calling him a “liar,” so expect him to go after him for that, and also to point out the many inconsistent positions he has taken in the past on social issues like abortion. Trump is going to have to go beyond just calling Sen. Cruz a liar, especially in front of Sen. Cruz’ hometown crowd. Still, expect Trump to try to throw more gasoline on the “Ted Cruz is a dirty campaigner” fire, by raising the firing of communications director Rick Tyler. It will interesting to see if Sen. Cruz continues with his “time for the clowns is over” line that he has been using. Trump will probably be ready for that, so it will tricky.

Trump v. Rubio

If Donald Trump is serious about being opposed to amnesty, he needs to call out Marco Rubio on his refusal to disown the Gang of 8 Bill. He was a frontman and a patsy for Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, trying to foist another gazillion page bill chock full of time bombs on the American people. Donald Trump has been endlessly calling Sen. Ted Cruz not only a liar, but the worst liar ever, when in fact, one could make a very good argument that it is Marco Rubio who is the biggest liar. Not only does he misrepresent the truth about that disgusting Gang of 8 bill (it IS amnesty, Senator), he constantly says that his position on this existential issue is the same as Sen. Ted Cruz. That is not true, as noted here. Sen. Rubio will no doubt say that this year’s election is too important to nominate the loudest person in the room.

Cruz v. Rubio

Sen. Cruz must win his home state of Texas next week, but Sen. Rubio isn’t really the threat. Still, I expect Sen. Cruz to go after Rubio on the issue of amnesty, which he should. There could definitely be some fireworks there, given that Sen. Rubio keeps saying that he and Sen. Cruz had the same position on amnesty, which is absolutely false. With the breaking news that Sen. Rubio is preparing for a brokered convention, expect Sen. Cruz to mention it, and suggest that Sen.Rubio is more interested in indulging his personal ambition than doing what’s best for the party, and by extension, the country.

Carson and Kasich-Whatever.

I am looking forward to watching. What say you?



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