Tonight’s Previously Scheduled Special Edition of The Teri O’Brien Show Cancelled

So sorry! My bad. No, it’s not because I couldn’t have been more wrong in my election predictions. Nor is it because I am afraid to talk about the Democrats’ big victory. Here’s what happened: I messed up the scheduling, but I didn’t find that out until about an hour ago. In a previous newsletter, I told you we’d be doing a special one-hour show tonight at 7:30 pm. Unfortunately, when I scheduled the show, I apparently told BTR that the show should be at 7:30 AM! Now, I am locked out of having any additional shows today, and a previous commitment makes it impossible for me to do a show tomorrow.

If you are interested in my election post-mortem, I wrote and posted my thoughts at about 8:00 a.m this morning here.


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