What’s Really Behind Obama’s Phony “Charm” Offensive, The Left’s Wacky View of the U.S. Constitution: Show Notes, 3-10-13 Program

What Exactly Does Chief of Staff for White House Dog Do? Whatever it is, it’s worth over $100,00 a year Rand Paul’s Filibuster Challenges Executive Power by Asking a Simple Question; John McCain, and Lindsay “John McCain Jr.” Ridicule Suggestion That Federal Government Might Kill American Citizens. We Could Ask David Koresh …Oh wait We still don’t know the answer ...

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When a Flip Flopper is a Statesman: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

Cue the “Dynasty” theme. Here comes another Bush, this time Jeb, heart throb of the RINO wing of the GOP, testing the waters for a presidential run in 2016 with–what else?–a book about–what else?–immigration. This week Jeb is being busted by democrats as a shameless panderer on that issue based on comments in his book on the “path to citizenship.” ...

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Over-Rated White People, Feminists’ War on Men, and Media Malpractice-Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

In some ways being well-informed in the Age of Obama can be a frustrating curse. The afflicted watch millions of their fellow citizens unable to connect some very obvious dots, a fact that allows the current occupant of the Oval Office to comfortably coast along, blissfully unaccountable for the consequences of his leftwing ideology and the policies that result from ...

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Good News Day for Pedophiles: Push for “Morning After Pills” for 12 year olds

From the Washington Times: Pro-choice activists said Tuesday they are preparing another push to lobby the Obama administration to loosen restrictions on “emergency contraception” for women of any reproductive age. Some 40 organizations are planning to make their case to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius this week, Kirsten Moore, president and chief executive of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, said in a media briefing. ...

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Stick a Fork in It. Obamacare, Not Your Half Brother. Show Notes, 11/25/12

Caller Shirley Husar, columnist for the Washington Times communities, weighs in on the need for the GOP to reach out to black and Latino voters, and stressed the need for direct, personal contact in local communities. Republicans: An old, white, dying breed of voter? | Washington Times Communities My unfortunate encounter with the officious intermeddling know it all know nothing ...

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Show Notes, 10/28/12: Obama’s Vision for America with Dinesh D’Souza and Stanley Kurtz, Diminished in the World, Suburbs Destroyed

Please scroll down for links to all the stories we discussed on the show. We were delighted to welcome two major A-List guests to the show. First, author, scholar and now movie producer Dinesh D’Souza joined us to discuss his terrific new book, and the movie that Obama and his minions didn’t want anyone to see, “2016,” now available on ...

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ICYMI: This week’s newsletter

Listen Live 4-6 pm, Central, Sundays at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Teri-OBrien, or anytime at http://www.teriobrien.com (in the right side bar. You’ll see a blue Blog Talk Radio player, but you will have to scroll down.) LIVE on the Teri O’Brien Show, this coming Sunday, 10/28/12, 4-6 pm Central, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Teri-OBrien  Dinesh D’Souza and Stanley Kurtz As you know, the Teri O’Brien Show always features A-List ...

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The Tonight Show Goes North Korean

UPDATED: To include the audio of the One talking about abortion and pandering to his moronic base In certain godless communist hellholes, what Karl Marx liked to call “the masses” live in miserable poverty and slavery, so that the political royalty can live in luxury. The dictators in charge use both hard and soft methods to maintain control of their ...

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Barack Obama’s AWESOME Reddit AMA Didn’t Include My Questions

From the Washington Post: If you haven’t heard, President Obama was on reddit Wednesday doing an AMA, or “Ask Me Anything.” He is the first sitting president to participate in the site’s popular feature. News of the president’s participation spread quickly, and the site became unavailable temporarily because of the load. MMM …”Ask Me Anything.” What would you ask? Perhaps one of ...

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