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Traitorous Fool/Sec. of State Kerry: Ignorance is Bliss


Lurch is less concerned with destroying our enemies than making sure that we are kept in a state of ignorance about what they doing. From CNS News:  Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday during an appearance in Bangladesh that the media could “do us all a service” if they didn’t cover terrorism “quite as much.” “No country is immune from terrorism,” ...

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Remaking America: Obama Makes His Quota of 10,000 Syrian Refugees in U.S.


Our Dear Reader, B. Hussein Obama, met this goal for importing these poor, uneducated, unskilled and unvetted Syrians, 98% of whom are Muslims, a whole month early! That’s change you can believe in! From The Daily Caller: The White House announced Monday that the 10,000th Syrian refugee will arrive in the United States Monday afternoon, a month ahead of schedule. ...

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The Stunning, and Never Ending, Corruption of the Clintons: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-28-2016


 While the phony, corrupt media focuses on Donald Trump’s alleged latest “gaffe,” the shadowy sources of the Clintons’ massive cash haul by selling access are a ho-hum. When it comes to the Clintons, the hits just keep on coming.  As it turns out, we don’t actually know who is paying those breathtaking speaking fees. The supposed payers listed on Mrs. ...

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Is the Obama Regime Sneaking in Syrian “Refugees”?


Is the Obama Regime sneaking in even more Syrian “refugees” than the thousands they’ve told us about?You mean he’s being deceitful and not transparent? How can this be? Regular readers here at and listeners to The Teri O’Brien Show know that Obama vowed to bring in 10,000 “refugees” from Syria by the end of the fiscal year, September 30, ...

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Epipen Outcry: Surprise! Blame Obamacare


Epipen Outcry: Over the last several days, news reports have been filled with the outcry over the 400+% increase in the cost of epipens, which dispense essential life-saving medications for people with allergies, including children with food allergies. Naturally, the pretend news, in that charming and ridiculously superficial way that they have, are ranting and raving about Evil Big Pharma, ...

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WATCH: Then and Now: Sen. Obama Rips President Bush Katrina Response


Remember Hurricane Katrina? The usual liberals were acting from the usual liberal playbook. Feigned outrage and name-calling are their favorite predictable ploys. Hurricane Katrina: The silly comedian who was THE news source for moronic millennials,  Jon Stewart, called it President George W. Bush’s “Monica Lewinsky moment.” (and naturally had to refer to Ms. Lewinsky’s lady parts), Dullard rapper Kanye West ...

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Remember When Barack Obama Promised He Wouldn’t Take a Vacation?


Perfect: that’s how you can describe the Obamas’ favorite place for their luxurious annual August vacation, Martha’s Vineyard. Now there’s a vacation spot, huh, Bitter Clinger? Not like that water park attached to the pre-fab franchise motel you suffered through. And how perfect is this? On the day that we learn that Obama and his minions lied about paying ransom to ...

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