Lies Obama Told Me

Does Disgusting Cop Hating Graphic Hold Answer to “RB Mystery?”


On last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, we gave our listeners the headlines from Dallas Police Chief’s 1st interview after the massacre. That’s when he mentioned that before he was taken out by the robot, the Dallas cop murder scrawled “RB” in blood on the wall. Now, thanks to an EXTREMELY disgusting graphic, which I will not post ...

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1998: Hillary Almost Indicted For S & L Fraud Coverup


Last week’s reprieve from a recommendation that Hillary be indicted for her “extremely careless” handling of classified and sensitive information isn’t the first time she barely escaped that fate. Please scroll down for video, “Millennials Guide to Clinton Scandals of the 1990’s.” From the Washington Post: Nearly 20 years before FBI Director James B. Comey declared that “no reasonable prosecutor” ...

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Ferguson Effect is Destroying Chicago: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 7-10-2016


 Why You Should Trump Enthusiastically, and More! Listen to this episode here using the player on the right, or here on Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode: Never Doubt Me: A Vote for Trump is a Vote for the Rule of Law Update on Dallas Police Massacre from Police Chief David Brown’s First ...

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Baldwin MO: Police Officer Ambushed and Shot


Another police officer shot in Baldwin, MO, fighting for his life. And, an officer was also shot in Valdosta, GA, and officers were target in Tennessee. From KMOV, St. Louis: A police officer is in critical, stable condition after being shot Friday morning, according to the Ballwin Police Department. The officer was shot around 11 a.m. after he pulled the suspect’s vehicle ...

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Update on Somali Jihad Attack in MN


Dog-hating, rape-threatening, black flag wielding Somali thugs invade quiet Minneapolis neighborhood. Isn’t multiculturalism grand? Note: this post is an update to this post. Somali rampage in MN update, from WND, eyewitness reports from residents, in this report from one-time Teri O’Brien Show guest Leo Hohman who has been following this story very closely: Sarah Penskey (not her real name) was ...

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Developing: Dallas Police Officers Shot by Snipers at Protest


Disgusting. Barack Obama was quick to rush to the podium this afternoon to race bait and demagogue. To what extent does his war on the police across the country play a role in inflaming these violent dirtbags? From The Daily Caller: At least 10 officers have been shot — three of whom are dead — Thursday night at an anti-police protest in ...

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Hillary Breaks ANOTHER Law!


B. Hussein campaigned with Hillary on Tuesday, coincidentally the same day that she got a pass from FBI Director James Comey. And she broke the law again!                         Hillary, let’s hope this is as close as you get standing behind a podium with a presidential seal on it. By ...

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