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State Dept: We Need 27 Months to Review Clinton Foundation Emails


The hits just keep on coming in the Clinton email fiasco! Now, the State Department says it can’t comply with a FOIA request until October 2018. You can’t make this stuff up. From The Daily Caller: Department of Justice officials filed a motion in federal court late Wednesday seeking a 27-month delay in producing correspondence between former Secretary of State ...

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Judicial Watch: Gun Used in Paris Terror Attacks Came from Phoenix


Judicial Watch has been relentless in investigating Obama’s Fast and Furious gun walking scheme. Now we learn that one of the guns, which may or may not have been a Fast and Furious gun, used in November 13, 2015 Paris attack came from Phoenix. (H/T Mensa) Last fall’s Paris attack has Phoenix connection. From Judicial Watch: One of the guns used ...

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Syrian migrant madness: “Refugee” Middle Eastern Men Admitted to High School, Hit on 14 year olds


Madness: Preview of coming attractions in the U.S.? As you may know, Canada’s flower child Prime Minister is all in with resettling “refugees” from  Syria in his country. Stop the madness! Apparently some “Islamophobic” parents aren’t thrilled with what is going on in Canadian schools. Watch the very disturbing reports (Part 1 above, Part 2 below) from On the Hunt about ...

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Benghazi Takeaways, Part III


Even though all the media outlets that get take their agenda and their list of stories from the Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times keep telling us that there’s “nothing new,” and “nothing to see here” in the House Select Committee’s Benghazi report, as we have seen here and here, that’s NOT true. There are many important takeaways. ...

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Obama on Brexit: It’s Xenophobia (Read Racism)


Barack Obama did an interview with NPR on Monday, and had a few choice words, including “xenophobia,” about Brexit, the British people’s decision to leave the European Union. Watch at ~1:21 when Obama explains how the U.S. economy has recovered. Hey, Jackass, I do the comedy! Fear of “funny looking people?” Seriously, if that were true, how in the hell ...

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Benghazi Takeaways, Part II


The House Benghazi report is a treasure trove of information, not that you would know that from listening to the Lame Stream Media. Why, two weeks after the Benghazi terrorist attack, did Obama go on ABC’s “The View” with his repellant wife, to pitch the lie that he didn’t know it was terrorism? You know the answer; that is, to ...

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Benghazi Report Takeaways, Part I


The Liberal Death Star aka The New York Times headline, “House Benghazi Report Finds No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton,” is intentionally deceptive, and continues the media’s effort to cover for her incompetence and indifference about 4 brave Americans murdered on her watch. Check this out. Here are the first two paragraphs from today’s Liberal Death Star article about the ...

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WATCH: Young People Think Trump Said It, Shocked to Learn It Was Hillary


Yes, children, once again, you are clueless, but intelligent young people, like people of all ages, are capable of learning and ingesting new information. Here and on The Teri O’Brien Show, we have chronicled the stunning ignorance of young people for a long time. Here’s some more evidence. From Campus Reform: Nearly every young person we spoke with was shocked ...

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