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Looney Left on Campus Update: DePaul Professor Resigns, Protesting Free Speech

Free Speech

No, she didn’t resign because there is no free speech on the DePaul campus. She resigns because she thinks there is. Scroll down to see “Black Lives Matter” morons hijack an event and prohibit Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking.   From The Daily Caller: A sociology professor at DePaul University announced her resignation in a public Facebook post in which she denounced the ...

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HYPOCRISY: Obama,(D- ACORN), Helped Cause ’08 Collapse: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-22-2016

financial crisis

Financial Collapse: Barack Obama benefitted in 2008 from the financial crisis, which he helped to cause with his role in the housing bubble. Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  Listen to this episode here. Listen on the go with the spreaker app  for your smartphone or tablet (search for “Informed America Radio.”) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ask us a Question: Reach out at ...

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Federal Judge Strikes D.C. Concealed Carry Law as Probably Unconstitutional

concealed carry

Concealed Carry: Another Victory for Liberty and the 2nd Amendment From The Washington Post: A federal judge ruled Tuesday that a key provision of the District’s new gun law is probably unconstitutional, ordering D.C. police to stop requiring individuals to show “good reason” to obtain a permit to carry a firearm on the streets of the nation’s capital. U.S. District ...

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Feminists Fantacize About Being Sexually Harassed by Bill Clinton: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-15-2016

Elitists Traditional Feminists Apologists for Bill Clinton Same People Who Rip Trump for Less Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  Listen to this episode here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to and for some of the music that we use on the program. Also thanks to Steve Vaus for “Come and Take it.”  We also use music from Kevin MacLeod, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ...

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North Carolina to Feds: Drop Dead


This post is a follow-up to this one from last week. North Carolina stands up to the feds and its common sense “bathroom” law. From The Los Angeles Times: North Carolina filed a lawsuit Monday against the federal government in a fight for a state law that limits protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. I love that lede. ...

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Obama: The Presidency is Not Entertainment: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-8-2016


Not entertainment? You mean like this? Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  Or this?   He also did an interview with this creature, obviously a very serious person: Then there were his appearances on ABC’s silly socialist hen party “The View” here here, here, and here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to and for some of the music that we use on the program. ...

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When You Elect a ‘Community Organizer’, You Get a Race-Baiting, Lawless Fool

community organizer

Two words: community organizer. No one should be surprised at our stinky economy, the state of the world, or the insane political correctness that has taken over the culture. Dr. Martin Luther King, quoting abolitionist Theodore Parker, said that the arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice. Watching our country proceed headlong on the downside of Barack Obama’s ...

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