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Visa Overstays: DHS Clueless, Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-13-15


   DHS Clueless About Visa Overstays, Government Incompetence Enables Islamist Terrorism Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode, you’ll learn: Why “obvious” fact that Chicago cop in Laquan McDonald case committed murder is not obvious at all How the Obama Regime’s “rigorous” screening for visa applicants missed obvious disqualifying information about San Bernardino jihadist Tashfeen ...

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Sen. Grassley Report: Thousands of Guardians of Unaccompanied Children Have Criminal Records


Remember those thousands of “unaccompanied children” from Central America, who stormed our southern border in the summer of 2014? We were told that they were escaping “rape,” human trafficking and other violent acts in their home countries? Some escape. From the Daily Caller: Last week Senator Chuck Grassley released findings from a DHS-whistleblower that show several thousand of the Unaccompanied Alien Minors ...

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VIDEO: Sorry, Tom Brokaw. Trump Proposed Muslim Ban is Neither Unconstitutional or “Dangerous”


Trump Proposed Muslim Ban is NOT Unconstitutional Unhinged Tom Brokaw invokes Japanese-American internment, the Holocaust, segregation and ends with a maudlin exploitation of a Muslim-American serviceman killed in action to bash Donald Trump To the delight of the ten or twenty devoted viewers of MSNBC, and the disgust of the vast majority of normal Americans, various pretend “news” organizations erupted ...

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VIDEO: Trump Muslim Pause Disqualifying? I’ll Give You Disqualifying

Obama Paid Liar Josh Earnest, Mouthpiece for Marxist in the White House, Declares Trump Ineligible to Be President. Seriously? You want to see disqualifying? Watch this video. Current Obama mouthpiece, the inaptly-named Josh Earnest, has some very notable things on his highlight reel, including stonewalling magnificent journalist, and two-time Teri O’Brien Show guest Sharyl Attkisson’s request for photographs of our ...

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Note to Weasel Politicians: Trump is (Mostly) Right


Has nearly everyone in the American political class lost their minds? Donald Trump is right, mostly. Is it just me, or is it disgusting to see politicians fall all of themselves to denounce Donald Trump’s proposal “for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on?” All ...

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Oval Office Address on ISIS: Obama Remains Hunkered Down in Leftist Ideological Bunker


As noted here, when Islamist lunatics go on a Christmas (or as Barack Obama would say a “holiday party”) party killing spree in California, Barack Obama’s knee-jerk response is all too predictable, and frightening; that is, more gun control on law-abiding Americans. No drama Obama has been revealed again to be disengaged, delusional Obama. What was the point of that ...

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Jihadist Honey Trap Brings ISIS to America, Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-06-15

 Jihadist Honey Trap. ISIS is here. Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode, you’ll learn: What Barack Obama should say when he lectures the country tonight about how he has made us safe About the bizarre press conference held by two attorneys representing the family of San Bernardino shooter What Hillary said in response to ...

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