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Dick Durbin and His Pathetic Game: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show 1-14-2018

Dick Durbin

The Left’s agenda is toxic, so they must resort to endless identity politics, which means that they must paint their opposition as “racists.” Isn’t it amazing that for decades Donald Trump was a public figure, the host of an extremely popular television network television show, and no one called him a “racist” or Hitler 2.0? Russia, “sexual harrassment,” “racism”–what will ...

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Exposing the Communist Conspiracy Against America: Trevor Loudon, Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 020

Dangerous Thinkers

  Trevor Loudon is a tireless warrior against the communist Left, and it was a distinct pleasure to speak to him again. Listen to the interview to hear about the event that inspired him to start his decades-long fight against communism. Please be sure to check out Trevor’s excellent documentaries, which are incredibly eye-opening and which every liberty-loving American should ...

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