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Phony Michelle’s Mom-in-Chief Masquerade, Part 2: Racism in the Ugly Campaign

As regular visitors know, on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, Michelle “I’m Just a Mom with a Garden and Thousand Dollar Boots” Obama launched her latest propaganda tool, her new book American Grown (Groan). To advance her ostensible, and peripheral goal, of promoting the book, she made the rounds on virtually every screen on the planet. “Good Morning America,” “The View,” ...

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Barry, the Composite President & Live from NATO protests:Show Notes, the Teri O’Brien Show, 5/20/12

From our special guest, that rare combination of great journalist and talent writer, Jack Cashill, who joined us to talk about his recent American Thinker piece Articles: Why Kenyan Birth Claim Was No ‘Fact Checking Error’. Please check out his official page for similar fascinating pieces about Barack Obama, Man of Mystery, and don’t miss his terrific book Deconstructing Obama, in ...

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Jokes You Won’t Hear At Tonight’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Intelligent observers realized a long time ago that Barack Hussein Obama is an unintentional laugh riot, and those who hadn’t realized it before this past week should check out the video of his embarrassing, office-debasing appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Tonight I predict that he will do a series of lame, and sometimes cringe-inducing jokes, about Osama bin Laden being ...

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The Celebutard Factor: Barack Obama Appears on Jimmy Fallon’s Show

As we repeatedly discuss here, and on the Teri O’Brien Show, one of the Obama campaign’s major constituencies is the low-information potential voter. In 2008, they managed to convince millions of dolts who couldn’t name their members of Congress at gunpoint and whose only previous experience with voting consisted of texting in their votes for their favorite would-be “American Idol” ...

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How can something so small do so much damage?

Yes, I have an M.S. in Exercise Science, and I even saw “Contagion,” but even I continue to be amazed by how a minuscule semi-life form can level even the fittest among us. This plague I have is especially cruel. It has made it impossible for me to talk. Can you imagine what that must be like for me?   ...

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This Is Just Wrong on So Many Levels

From Variety via Politico, “Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in movie.” In the midst of recruiting an all-star ensemble for his long-gestating passion project “The Butler,” director Lee Daniels has tapped Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan. Based on a Washington Post report by Wil Haygood, pic follows Eugene Allen, the White House butler whose career started with Harry ...

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Stopped Clock Right Twice a Day File: I agree with Bill Maher

As regular readers of my scribbling and listeners to my show know, for years I have described the Three Stages of Arguing with A Liberal, the very predictable responses we get when we try to debate with our pink-around-the-edges friends, frustrated that they cannot defeat our facts and logic with their threadbare clichès and moronic slogans.  Stage 1: Mocking Laughter, ...

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