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Let’s Hope Obama’s Face Doesn’t Appear on Our TV’s During the Football Game Tonight: Show Notes

Thanks to our special guest, Doug Giles, of ClashDaily.com, Townhall columnist, and author of Raising Boys That Feminists Will Hate, and Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls. Subscribe to ClashDaily.com and you could win James Bond’s weapon of choice, the Walther PPK .380! Fantastic! Thanks, Doug! Gun Owners: Should We Listen to Bob Costas or Jesus Christ? – Doug Giles I had ...

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Oh, Quitcher Blubbering

The word for today is schadenfreude. It’s a delightful word. Let me explain how it is used properly. Take this news story, for instance. MALIBU, Calif. (AP) — A dead whale rotting near the Malibu homes of Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan and other celebrities is causing a gigantic cleanup problem as authorities try to decide who’s responsible for getting rid ...

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Desperation Ain’t Pretty: Obama Drags Presidency Into the Gutter

As I have been telling you for over a year, because of his pathetic record, Barack Obama has been reduced to screeching lies to audiences of backward children, whose limited life experience and lack of information allow them to be enchanted by this affirmative-action assisted, TelePrompTer dependent empty suit. Now that it seems that the momentum has shifted toward the ...

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The Tonight Show Goes North Korean

UPDATED: To include the audio of the One talking about abortion and pandering to his moronic base In certain godless communist hellholes, what Karl Marx liked to call “the masses” live in miserable poverty and slavery, so that the political royalty can live in luxury. The dictators in charge use both hard and soft methods to maintain control of their ...

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I Would Have Thought Chris Matthews Would Have Bid on Them

From boston.com: A Connecticut auction house says the love letters and other pre-war writings of Adolf Hitler propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels (GUR’-buhls) have failed to sell. Alexander Historical Auctions says it offered the letters, school papers and dramatic works of Goebbels on Thursday. The collection spans the period from Goebbels’ childhood to shortly before he joined the Nazi party in ...

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Thousands Attended This Concert, and Only 6 Could Name His Congressman

A frequent theme on the show is praise for David Plouffe’s brilliant 2008 campaign strategy, which has been well-documented and is indisputable. Howard Stern, John Ziegler, and John Stossel have shown us the evidence. The 2008 Obama game plan focused on mobilizing the low- and no-information voting population whose previous experience with voting consisted of texting in on Tuesday nights in support ...

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Must-See TV: Half-Ton Killer

Snookie, Honey Boo Boo, and now this: TLC recently announced the premiere date of their shocking new special called Half-Ton Killer, which documents the strange case of Mayra Rosales. As the titular half-ton woman, Mayra confessed to killing her 2-year-old nephew Eliseo Rosales Jr. in 2008 by falling onto him. She was acquitted in January 2012 after it was determined ...

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The Teri O'Brien Show