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Hollywood Legend to Our Dear Reader: Be a Leader. Be F******g Presidential.

Cross-posted at ClashDaily It’s no surprise that actor James Woods continues to rock the Twitterverse with his criticism of Barack Obama’s policies. It’s widely rumored that there is a fairly large group of Hollywood conservatives, who exchange knowing glances and gather in furtive meetings, careful to stay closeted, lest they endanger their careers. Mr. Woods came out of the closet ...

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Sexy Brilliance with Kevin Jackson, Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 9-8-13

Listen here (or in the sidebar on the right side of this page)   Thanks to our guest, Kevin Jackson, of The Black Sphere, author of Sexy Brilliance …and Other Political Lies and The Big Black Lie: How I Learned The Truth About The Democrat Party. Thanks, Kevin, you were terrific! SUNDAY’S QUESTIONS: PLEASE TWEET YOUR ANSWER WITH HASH TAG #theteriobrienshow. If you ...

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Are We Free, or We Slaves to an Anti-Christian, Militantly Secularist Mob?

Elijah Parish Lovejoy was a minister and journalist, who for several years early in the 19th century edited a newspaper called the St. Louis Observer. Unfortunately, some of the locals weren’t fans of his anti-slavery views. From Wikipedia: (I know, but the actual sources are in the footnotes) In May 1836, after anti-abolitionist opponents in St. Louis destroyed his printing ...

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Larry Elder Dishes About the Oprah, Shares Surprising Stuff About Jackson, Sharpton & Farrakhan-The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-18-13

  Larry Elder – LarryElder.com – Home of the Larry Elder Show and the Elderados – The Sage From South Central The Real Oprah Emerges RaceBaiter: Four Blacks Kill Young Couple in Cruelest Way – Every Bit As Cruel As Emmett Till | Maggie’s Notebook (Can anyone tell me why anyone ever saw any redeeming value in the Oprah and her ...

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Ten Answers to Clueless Liberal Elitist Who Asks “Why The Anger?” The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-18-13

Just as NBC News just discovered last week that Obamacare is causing businesses to reduce employees’ hours or lay off people altogether, liberal FOB (Friend of Bill) and economics professor Robert Reich asks in a new op-ed “Why the anger?” in America today. Seriously? Where do we start? This sort of foolish scribbling is why my work is never done. ...

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Stop the Presses: The Oprah’s New Movie is Preachy Rant on Racist America, “Too Contrived to Be Believed”

The Los Angeles Times’ film critic Kevin Turan writes: Though that rating (PG-13) imposes some constraints, the director’s contempt for subtlety, weakness for cliché and perennial determination to wring every last drop of emotion out of a situation are inevitably factors here. … “The Butler” turns poor Louis into a kind of African American Zelig, present at every key civil ...

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Dumb and Dumber Alert: Jim Carrey, Please Shut Up!

He made moronic remarks about people who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. Along with his former squeeze, the equally vacuous Jenny McCarthy, he’s a “vaccination denialist,” meaning that he believes in the thoroughly debunked and dangerous theory that vaccines cause autism. Now there’s this idiocy, denouncing “corporate greed.” Remind me again. How many millions has this guy made from films ...

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