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Casey Anthony’s Jury and Obama’s

So, as it turns out, being a lying, potty-mouthed slut isn’t a capital offense.  Of course, we didn’t need the Casey Anthony verdict to reveal that fact.  One need only flip on the TV  to see that this is not your father’s popular culture. Today, not only is being a sexually-promiscuous, serial lying reprobate not a problem today, in the ...

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Beware “Hotness Delusion Syndrome”

You probably thought all that could be said about the Anthony Weiner sexting disaster has been said. There was the predictable treasure trove of juvenile jokes, involving calls that the congressman “stand firm,” and that we “get everything straight” before jumping to conclusions. There were the delicious headlines, including my own “Battle of the Bulge,” second only to my personal ...

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Special Easter Sunday Edition: Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

With their guy’s approval numbers in free fall, it’s clear that Team Obama is officially in full campaign mode. They hope that the hat trick that worked so well in 2008, class warfare, identity politics and the cult of the personality, will drag the One over the finish line in 2012. Our special guest the Washington Examiner’s David Freddoso, best-selling ...

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Eighteen Years Ago, the U.S. Government Incinerated 76 at Waco

Back in 1993, during the early days of the previous first black president’s administration, the federal government mounted its infamous tank assault at Waco. Seventy-six people died in the resulting fire. Because it was a democrat administration, the media got busy creating and promulgating the Official Story; specifically, that the tragedy was caused by a crazy Bible-thumping, sexual degenerate/gun nut ...

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Obama’s Moonstruck Audiences

If like me, you just finished watching Barack Obama’s latest standup act in front of another collection of semi-conscious, wet-behind-the-ears college students, you may be asking yourself “why can’t this guy ever give a speech in front of people who can remember when Jimmy Carter was president?” I know exactly what you’re thinking. If these clueless kiddies with their eager ...

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Hear Her Sunday on the Teri O’Brien Show, Hear Her Monday on Greta Van Susteran’s Show

  On the 4/3/11 edition of the Teri O’Brien Show,  we’ll be discussing the latest potentially-explosive Obama administration scandals, stories that almost no one is talking about, one involving Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security and the other Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. Get the latest on the Obama administration’s stonewalling of Sen. Charles Grassley’s inquiries into Operation ...

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Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, 3/13/11

Today on the Teri O’Brien Show, in addition to our usual real time latest news and information, we’ll unpack the events of the past week, as we try to answer the following question: which is more lame, (1) Barack Hussein Obama’s excuse for reneging on his obviously phony campaign promise to close Gitmo, channelling the late Flip Wilson, and stating ...

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