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Show Notes: 8/19/12

Obama apparatchiks lamely attempt to defend the Independent Payment Advisory Board that will eventually ration and deny care to seniors. Connect the dots, people. The $716 billion that Obama robbed from Medicare to fund his health care scheme has to come from somewhere. Hello death panel. The Dear Reader visits a morning zoo to talk to 3 vacuous DJs about ...

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Paul Ryan, the Anti-Obama: Show Notes, 8/12/12

Obama voters at the Sandra Fluke-Obama event on 8/7/12 demonstrate their brilliance Strassel: Vampire Capitalism? Please – Obama’s False Attacks (from the official Romney campaign site) ‎ (the plan that Paul Ryan wrote and discussed with Tim Geithner, who, when presented with the fact that if we don’t do something about entitlements, we’ll be Greece, said “we don’t have a solution. ...

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Entrepreneur Ray Gaster Blasts Obama for “You Didn’t Build That,” Plus Harry Reid, “Dirty Liar”: Show Notes, 8/5/12

Federal Court finds Obama appointees interfered with New Black Panther prosecution | Judicial Watch Sues Obama Department of Health and Human Services for Records Detailing Health Grant to the National Council of La Raza | Judicial Watch Our terrific guest, independent businessman Ray Gaster of Gaster Lumber and Hardware Georgia lumberyard owner hammers Obama on ‘You didn’t build that’ ...

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Barack, Who’s Your Daddy? Show Notes, 7/29/12

Lame Stream Media, clearly in full panic mode over the almost certain defeat of the One in 100 days, tries to amplify the horror of Mitt Romney’s alleged “stumble” in London, forgetting the Obamas’ embarrassing performance there in 2009. The manhandling of the Queen by the repellant, linebacker-like Moochelle, the iPod with O speeches, the DVD’s that wouldn’t play in ...

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Show Notes, 7/22/12: Tragedy in Aurora, CO gives idiots an opportunity to display their bias and shining stupidity

How Many of Me (website that tells you how many people have the same name as you. Perhaps we should send the link to ABC’s Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos) Teri opens the show by asking why George and Brian still have their jobs. ‘Good Morning America’ Tries To Tie Suspect To Tea Party ABC News Admits ‘Incorrectly’ Linking Tea ...

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Defending the Constitution: Show Notes, 7/15/12

We often hear that we must enact amnesty for illegals because they do jobs that Americans simply won’t do. In this edition of the show, we focused on average citizens doing what gutless weasels in Congress won’t; that is, standing up for our precious Constitution. With the blatant lawlessness of the Obama administration on display every single day, the need ...

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Show Notes: 7/8/12: Barack Obama, America’s First Celebutard, Affirmative Action, Identity Thief President

Barack Hussein Obama (Praise Be His Name) travels the Midwest, inveighing against outsourcing, a concept obviously invented by Mitt Romney, in a Canadian-made bus, and nostalgically recalls childhood vacations at Howard Johnson’s. In a purely coincidental development, for the first summer since he ascended to the throne, he and Her Royal Wideness will not be taking the princesses to Blue ...

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Fast and Furious with Katie Pavlich, Obama’s Lies About His Socialist Past with Stanley Kurtz:The Teri O’Brien Show, Show Notes, 6/24/12

Thanks to our special guests, Stanley Kurtz and Katie Pavlich. Stanley Kurtz made news, announcing a still super-secret project, hisnew book, due in 5 weeks Everything you need to know about Fast and Furious, including why Lame Stream Media types continue to express skepticism about the operation’s hidden agenda, even though Katie Pavlich has written about the internal emails admitting ...

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