Trayvon Martin Photo: Fake or Real?

I am very confused. As I told you on Sunday’s show, I mentioned that right before airtime, I was informed that this photo, allegedly of Trayvon Martin, may not be the Trayvon Martin shot in a tragic incident on February 26.

Is this or isn't this the Trayvon Martin that George Zimmerman shot?

Michelle Malkin, who also posted the photo, claiming it was Zimmerman’s victim, declared that it was not, and apologized for making a mistake, citing this site.

Now that we’ve seen the tweets that were released by the Daily Caller (warning: language), I’m not so sure. Granted the tweets posted on those sites might be fake (Photoshopped), but I doubt that.

If we made a mistake, like Michelle Malkin, of course, I apologize to all of you and to the Martin family.

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